Saturday, February 29, 2020


Well today is February 29 leap year . Now you single ladies you can propose to your fella today . If you don't want to I have a book for you to take you away . A SCOT'S DEVOTION book two in the MacLomain clan series  by Sky Purington .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Can true love happen twice?

The last thing Chloe expects when she travels to New Hampshire is to end up with a mysterious Claddagh ring and a fated romance. If that isn't enough, she's been thrown into a love triangle and meant to help a medieval country in peril.

Torn between the deceased lass he still loves and the modern-day woman destined for him, Laird Aidan Hamilton sets out with Chloe to protect King David II from Edward Balliol and his disenfranchised nobles, the 'disinherited.' A quest that ultimately means facing off with the dark brotherhood with which they are aligned.

Thrust on a whirlwind adventure alongside Scotland's Guardian, Donald, Earl of Mar, Aidan and Chloe wind up on a passionate journey neither foresaw. One that carries them down a path that tests Aidan's resolve and challenges his lonely heart. Will he remain devoted to his long lost love? Or will defeating the enemy mean embracing someone new?

                                 MY REVIEW  
 What is a girl to do when she heads to New Hampshire to visit a friend and ends up with a mysterious Claddagh ring and one fated romance . She rolls with the punches . Laird Aiden Hamilton is torn between the love he lost and the love that fated for him.  As he heads out to protect King David  along with Chloe . They are thrust into a whirlwind adventure and a romance that will take them to places they never thought they would go and will Aiden realize that Chloe is more then just a distraction and that she might of been with him all along . 

   I love Aiden and Chloe so much , they are well written and complex. Aiden is a tortured soul that is caught between a love that he thought was his and the love that is fated for him . He is sexy and oh so stubborn and sometimes you just want to hit him upside the head to knock the stupid out of him. Chloe well there is more to her then first meets the eye . She is feisty and straightforward and I love hew she puts Aiden in his place a few times . She does have her own secrets and is scared of love because of what she went through . They are such fun characters to read and you will love them . 

    When we first met Aiden in book one I really liked him, he made it known that he will never love another . Maeve was his and he would love her forever . Now in book two we find him reevaluating what love is and who is suppose to be his . The author takes us on another adventure into the past . The story is a fun fast read and you will love the characters . It seems in this book the author dove a little deeper and got us to connect with the main characters a little deeper . I am really liking this series and can't wait to see where the author takes us with the men of the MacLomain clan . So if you want a story with hot highlanders and yes there are dragons in this series also. Check it out you will not be disappointed . 

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