Monday, February 10, 2020


  Good Monday . hope everyone is having a great day so far . Today I have the third book in the Sacred Oath Series . BARON by Plum Pascal

                             BOOK BLURB 

BOOK THREE in the Sacred Oath Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Series. Book 1 is ANGEL

After being taken prisoner by the false king, I learn Variant is nothing like I imagined him to be…

His hair is as fair as the curtains that drop from the ceilings. Darker than mine by merely a shade or two. The golden hue of his skin contrasts sharply with his white robe and captivating green eyes. Lush lips and slender brows complement the regality of his features.

“Angel,” he says as huge, white feathered wings unfurl from his back, arching out ten feet in each direction. I feel my eyes widen as I take in their incredible beauty. He flaps them a few times and the wind carries across my face, bringing with it the clean yet woodsy scent of the man, himself.

Variant is far more beautiful than any male or female has the right to be. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to kill me..

And kill me he will. After all, Variant destroyed all the angels before me, so why should I be any different? Worse still, what will he do when he finds out I’m half Succubus?

The more time I spend with Variant, the more I realize the false king is as complicated as he is unpredictable. And though I hate to admit it, the Succubus within me wants him. Maybe almost as much as Variant appears to want me.

If Dragan, Cambion and Baron knew the thoughts going through my head and the feelings Variant causes within my body, they would despise me. Almost as much as I despise myself.

When Dragan finds a way out of the prison dungeon and the five of us escape, we’ll learn a secret even more surprising than the fact that Variant keeps me alive…

1. Angel
2. Dragan
3. Baron
4. Cambion (Coming Soon!)
5. Variant (Coming Soon!)

                           MY REVIEW 
    When  Elish and the guys end up in the dungeon at Variant's castle . They are wondering what he wants . Elish knows what he wants Variant wants her and will do almost anything to have her . Dragan . Baron Cambion want out of the dungeon and protect Elish. When they get out they find a secret that will shock them all. 

   Even this being book three in the series and the characters just keep getting better and better . I love Baron he is so arrogant and oh my so sexy . I truly hated him in the first two books but for some reason he has grown on me. Elish is growing on me too , she is growing stronger with each book . We see her use her succubus powers more in this book . Dragan also  grows and becomes more and more of a leader . The guys are finally starting work together to get Elish safe and to break out the Midnight Queen . 

   Ok I am going to say this , this is book three in the series and usually I find that book three i usually find that book three is the slower book . But I will admit that I was so wrong this book . You are thrown into the action right away and you don't stop until the last page . The characters are so well written and complex and you find out more about each of them . The story is getting so good and you want to find out what is going on and hope that they can get out of what ever problems that come up .  I am really excited that this series is getting better with each book .  There is intrigue, and and you will laugh and well there are some scenes that will have you blushing and melting your kindle . Especially with Baron and Elish . wow that opening scene i hot, hot . hot. So if you love hot alpha men and the woman who i taming them check out this series . You will be very happy you did 

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