Monday, February 24, 2020


 Good morning all , yes it is Monday but I have coffee so I shall get through the day . Today I have book two and three in the Glowing series by VJ LEE . First up DREAMGLOW book two

                            BOOK BLURB 

When plain unassuming curly haired Rose Samuel got pulled into the sleek, sexy Light alien world, she
never dreamed she would find her niche being their therapist. Heck, a few months ago had anyone told
her this alien race existed she would have pointed them in the direction of the nearest psychiatrist.
Falling for the stunningly gorgeous long-haired lead Healer Apollo was a major perk of her job. Now if
Rose could get Apollo to make time for her, it would be a dream come true.
Apollo didn’t have time for distractions, and the inquisitive little Rose was a huge distraction. His destiny
as the lead healer for his race took up most of his time the rest was devoted to his mission of finding his
family-the same beings that betrayed the entire colony. With their enemies, the Dark Ones not only
trying to enslave all humankind but also unleashing a new dark predator onto the Light there was barely
time even to sleep much less have a relationship.
Will Rose and Apollo be able to use the light in their relationship to connect their dreams or will the
darkness lurking inside forever pull them into nightmares.

                          MY REVIEW 
    When Rose got pulled into the light alien world she never thought that she would actually find her spot in the world . As their therapist and friend and who knew that she would fall in love with the sexy gorgeous healer Apollo . Apollo didn't need the distraction but is Rose really a distraction . He is the lead healer and he must find his family to stop them . Will Rose and Apollo be able to find out what they need in each other and their relationship or will family and the darkness within them  will rip them apart . 

  All the main characters in the first book are back and better then ever . Rose and Apollo have such chemistry that could melt your kindle . The story is well written and continues where book one left off . There are some new characters added to the mix and there is some tension sexual or not between two of the main characters that will have you hoping that they will hook up . The author takes us on a emotional roller coaster ride . You feel like you have been sucker punched a few times through out the book . We can feel for the characters and there are moments when you are trying to figure out why they just blew up the relationship. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 5 star is that it seemed to drag just a little in a few areas. Over all i loved the story and can't wait to read book three 

book three MOONGLOW 

                         BOOK BLURB 

Tiponi Grant has been running with her son from a familiar darkness for over twenty years. The only constant in her life is her need to keep her son safe and…wolves. When the always in control Tiponi is pulled into the world of the stunning Light aliens and thrust into the arms of Tate Runningwolf it should be no big surprise she is drawn to him his last name has wolf in it after all, but he makes her feel out of control and that will never do. What is a surprise however is that this gorgeous man claims to know her. Why can’t she remember him? What will it take to coax those memories out of hiding?

Tate Runningwolf has been on the hunt for his mate for the last twenty years and he knows exactly when she is brought back into his orbit. Now it’s his soul mission to make her remember the life they once shared a life they can have again. Will she choose to stay once she regains her memories of him or will the devil chasing her pull them both to hell? He will stop at nothing to keep her from running again.

                         MY REVIEW 
  Tiponi Grant has been running for over twenty years from a darkness that is chasing her and her son. There is one constant in her life and that is to keep her son safe . She is always in control but when the light aliens pull her into the world and right into the arms of Tate Runningwolf .  The man makes her feel out of control and she is so attracted to him and there is a familarity to him that is pulling her towards him over and over . Tate has been looking for his mate for over twenty years . Once she comes back into his orbit its time to bring her home . Will Tiponi want to stay after she regainst all her memories and will Tate be able to help her thwart the darkness chasing both of them . 

  Wow book three throws a big twist in the alien story line by adding werewolves to the mix. I really loved how the characters are growing and becoming really complex .  Tate is oh so sexy and strong . Tiponi is such a complex woman and when she becomes unraveled its is so fun to read . The devotion between the two main characters are so sweet and the sexual tension is off the charts . This is a great addition to the series , the only draw back like in book two it just seemed to drag just a little in a few areas . Over all i really enjoyed the book and loved the addition to wolves to the mix . Check it out you will not be disappointed  

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