Thursday, April 9, 2020


Well it is Thursday , yes I remembered the day cause it is the day before Easter long weekend . If you are looking for a Epic fantasy book to read this weekend  I just might have it . This is a new author to me Bryan Gifford and his book THE SPIRIT OF REVENGE .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Revenge is but a confession of pain…

Cain Taran has fought this war for as long as he can remember. He was just another sword in the endless centuries of conflict until the enemy destroyed his home and all that he held dear. Driven by vengeance, he crosses the world of Tarsha to unite the broken countries against the immortal tyrant, Abaddon.

But Cain soon learns that this is no war at all. It's genocide. Abaddon has battled with humanity for generations and now the time has come for him to crush their final remnants in the name of a forgotten and vindictive god. Cain must now make a choice between the revenge that has driven him this far, or to protect the people he swore to defend. The fate of Tarsha falls on him and the choices he makes, for he is somehow entwined in the cause of this war.

And only he can end it.

                            MY REVIEW 
  Cain has fought this war forever , fighting to end the centuries old war against an centuries old tyrant . He has crisscrossed the countries trying to unite them against Abaddon.  When he finds out its not a war but a genocide .He has to make the choice between revenge or to protect the people he was sworn to defend . Will he be able to make the right decision and end it all. 

 This is the first book I have read from this author so I went in with the expectations of reading a good fantasy book . I was kind of blown away , the characters are well written and complex . You can feel the emotions the main character is going through and you watch them all grow as the story progresses  Cain the main character is a master warrior , who really wants to unite everyone to beat Abaddon . With his trusty band of friends they are working on that . As the story progresses we see the truth in what Cain is destined to do . I truly liked the characters and the way the author has written them . 

   This is a book that when you start reading you will not put it down the author will take you on a journey through lands that have been ravaged by wars for 400 years . The author paints a picture of war torn clans of people torn apart and trying to come together . I will say that I was intrigued by this book and I was reading well into the night . There were a couple of spots in the book that I felt just dragged a little but over all I truly enjoyed reading this book  and look forward to reading more . If you want a good book to read through this pandemic check it out.

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