Tuesday, April 28, 2020


 Good morning all , today I have a dark historical pirate book for you . SEA OF RUIN by Pam Godwin .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Bennett Sharp is on the run.
Wanted for piracy, she fears neither God nor death nor man.
Except Priest Farrell.

The unfaithful, stormy-eyed libertine hunts her with terrifying possessiveness. Nothing will stop him from coming for her. Not his unforgivable betrayal. Not when she’s captured by the ice-cold pirate hunter, Lord Ashley Cutler.
She must escape Ashley’s prison and Priest’s deceit. But can she walk away from their twisted desires?

Two gorgeous captains stand on opposite sides of the law. When they collide in a battle to protect her, the lines blur between enemies and lovers.
Passion heats, secrets unravel, and hearts entangle until they break.
Can love prevail in the sea of ruin?

                       MY REVIEW 
  Bennett Sharp is on the run , she is a wanted woman and she is fearless . Death will not take her and no man will touch her . All is good until the one man who stole her heart and broke it comes back into her life . Priest Farrell the man who wants to possess her heart and soul . He will find her where ever she is , nothing will keep them apart . Not even the cold hearted pirate hunter Lord Ashley Cutler.  But honestly in her heart does she want to walk away .  They both want to protect her and keep her safe and the lines start to blur between enemies and friends . Will they survive the twisted desires of their hearts or will it become a sea of ruin . 

  Omg I absolutely love the characters in this book . Bennett our swash buckling heroine is feisty , and has been through so much . She has bucked the traditions of status from the beginning of her life . All she wants to be is on the sea and be like her father . I love the way she is strong and tries so hard to strong when she lets her vulnerability shows its heart warming to see her like that . I do love her sassy side that will take on anyone and show them that she can beat them at their own game . She is fabulous and you will love her . 
Now lets talk the men of this book and holy hannah thes men are hot . Priest and Ashley they seem to be the different sides of the same coin. Priest is the oh so sexy pirate who will do what ever it takes to save the woman he loves . Ashley well he is the tall, dark handsome pirate hunter , who in my opinion is like walking sex on a stick . He has an air of authority to him that will make you swoon . As Priest has a wildness about him that will make you blush . These three main characters are so well written and complex and when they get together they combust . 

   Ok I was excited when i found out this author was writing a pirate book . I was wondering how she was going to write a good dark story that she is famous for . Well I will say she out did herself . The characters are so well written and complex , you will love them and hate them . The story is full of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat . There are also some very tough scenes to read and you will shed a tear or two for our main girl but like all great stories she will over come .  Who knew that pirates could be so sexy , these aren't your harlequin romance pirates . These men can fight and love with a fierceness that will make you blush . So if you want a dark story that will have you swooning one minute and then fighting for your life the next . This is the book for you check it out trust me on this you will not be disappointed . 

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