Friday, April 10, 2020


 HAPPY EASTER weekend all , hope you are all doing ok and staying safe . I know our Easter will be face timing everyone  and reading . I have a great book for you for your weekend reading . FLIPPED OFF by V.J Lee

                           BOOK BLURB

Becca James made her fortune taking the ugly and restoring it to a thing of beauty. It’s how she was able to come through her horrific childhood and why she employs people others may overlook.

Carter Stevens has a knack for demolishing anything in his path even his relationship with his mother wasn’t safe, but sometimes you need to bring a building down to its foundation to build it up twice as strong.

When Carter tears down the walls around Becca’s heart, will they be able to build a house of love, or will all her secrets and his aversion to wealthy women lay waste to everything they’ve worked so hard to construct?

                          MY REVIEW 
  When Carter meets Becca for the first time was anything but love at first sight , He thought she was sexy as all out but the shoes she was wearing set him off. He can't stand people with money  but there is something different about Becca , she gets him hot and bothered . They both have to tear down the wall of the past to build the walls built on love if they have any chance at being together.

  Carter and Becca what can you say about these two . Carter well he is what can I call him he is well he comes off as so arrogant you really just kind of want to slap him upside the head . He does redeem himself a bit  through out the story but he does have his dumb moments . But over all he is a sweet guy that you do want to get to know better . Becca is a hard working woman who takes nothing from no one when she is at work . When she is at home she is a totally different person . She is sweet but she has had a past the will haunt anyone . As you read her story you will cry and want to hug her tight . She does grow so strong as you go through the story . The characters are very well written and complex you will love them and hate them at the same time . 

    This is a story full of second and third chances  at love , heart break and romance . The author really put all the feels in this story . I am going to say that this might be one of the best books the author has written . The story does have some dark moments where I was crying hard and some parts that made me laugh so hard . The characters are relatable and you will love them and hate them at the same time .  There are just a couple of things that felt a little bit of dragging but over all I loved this story . So if you want a story to read while you are waiting for your Easter dinner to cook check it out 

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