Friday, April 24, 2020


  Good Friday everyone , today I  have the last book in the Dulcie O'Neal series for you . THE GHOULS OF WRATH  by HP Mallory .

                            BOOK BLURB 

Agent Dulcie O’Neil travels to the demon world of Dromir in order to rescue Knight and Dagan from the wrath of Dagan’s brother, Darius.

While in Dromir, Dulcie faces the ultimate evil—The Darkness, the very god that possessed Meg and turned her into evil incarnate.

Only now, The Darkness is inside Dulcie and it’s doing everything in its power to control her. As she struggles to resist this evil being, Dulcie will be faced with the ultimate decision: one that could very well mean her life.

Find out what happens in the twelfth and final episode of the Dulcie O’Neil Series.

                        MY REVIEW 
   Dulcie is back and traveling to the demon world of Dromir to bring back Knight and Dagan and kill Darius .  While she is there she has to fight off the ulitmate evil that is trying to take over her soul and turn her into the ultimate evil. While fighting this evil Dulcie must make the ultimate decision that could mean her life . Lets find out together what will happen in the last installment of Dulcie's story . 

  Ok I have loved these characters from the begininng . Dulcie has to be one of my favourite characters . She is feisty and driven and would do anything to get her love and her friend back . Bram and the rest are back and trying to get Dulcie . These characters have grown and become so complex as the series went on . I love each and everyone of them even had a crush on both Bram and Knight a time or two. Bram was so sweet and funny oh and oh so egotistical in this book but that is Bram you will love him even more in this book . Knight also yanks at the heart strings through out this book . 

    I was kind of sad reading this book I have loved this series from the very beginning . This book made me laugh and cry and laugh . The author really took us on an adventure this time around . I love how much fun these characters are to read and the story just kept evolving and growing . The author did a great job tying everything together and the ending will have you weeping and laughing at the same time .If you want a great series check it out you will not be disappointed . THANK YOU Hp MALLORY for writing a wonderful series and here is to many more new characters and stories . 

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