Sunday, April 19, 2020


 Good Sunday all it is day I have no idea of self isolation.  Today I have a cowboy novella for you  THE ONE by Jacquelyn Ayres

                            BOOK BLURB 

Kip Taylor is everyone’s dream. His one downfall is that he’s a player. He can have any woman he wants in town—state, even—and he knows it. There’s only one woman Kip wants. Trouble is, he hasn’t met her yet. Until then, he’s going to fill his dance card with the Johnson girls: Maggie, May, and Missy.
Shelby never thought she’d see Rison, Arkansas, again. She’s been estranged from her extended family for over a decade. Things happen and sometimes the only place you can find solitude is the very place that has raised so many questions in your life.
She was looking to start her life over.
He was looking for his to truly begin.
Neither one of them understood the power of kismet until the day their eyes locked. From that moment—in their heart of hearts—they knew that the other was The One.

                    MY REVIEW 
  Kip well he is a dreamboat and a player he can have any woman he wants and is playing 3 sisters . Until the day the girl of his dreams walks into his life . Shelby didn't want to come back in RIsan Arkansas and her extended family .But there are moments where the place to start something new is the place you don't want to go back to . Will they be able to come over the barriers that are between them and will Kip be able to over come his playboy tendacies to find the girl of his dreams . 

  Kip is the type of guy you want to keep your daughters away from . he is good looking and a player. He can have any woman he wants and usually gets . He also wants to have the three sisters from the neighbours ranch.  He actually drove me crazy reading him . I really wanted to hit him over the head a few times . He came off cocky and kind of a know it all even after he met Shelby he would still talk and fantasize about the three sisters . He did kind of change at the end and fell hard for Shelby . Shelby has had a hard life , her mother and her little brother dying really left deep wounds in Shelby's heart. She has a rough life and when she gets to Arkansas it gets even worse. There are moments that i felt i couldn't connect with her and I did feel sad for her. 

   This is a book that is hard to get into at the beginning . I honestly had trouble with the whole Kip palying the sisters . He was just arrogant and needed to be brought down a bit .  the author does redeem him later on in the book when he and Shelby get together . The story was good it had some horses in it so I was happy for that .The author really does take us on a joy ride that is emotional through out . Over all i did enjoy this story and will read other books from this author . So check it out .

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