Wednesday, April 1, 2020


 Good day all its day well I have no idea any more the days are starting to blend into one another . At least |I have good books to read while I am in this lock down . Todays book is book 5 in the Sacred Oath series . Variant by Plum Pascal aka HP Mallory

                            BOOK BLURB


BOOK FIVE in the Sacred Oath Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Series. Book 1 is ANGEL

The Midnight Queen and Variant continue to threaten us. And now we know they’ve been sacrificing the fae in order to increase the Midnight Queen’s power…

Dragan and Baron are at each other’s throats.
Cambion turned on us and is imprisoned by his brother.
Theren is still under the power of the Midnight Queen, as is Variant.
And fae creatures are being sacrificed for their life essence.

Everything is falling apart and the end is looming.
The darkness within me continues to take its toll on the angelic side of me and I can feel the lightness within me dying.
But the only thing that matters at the moment is freeing the fae from Variant and Morrigan.
But that’s a tall order…

                        MY REVIEW 
  Everything is falling apart Elish and the guys . Dragan and Baron are fighting with each other . Cambion has turned on everyone in search of his brother . Variant and Theren are still under Morrigan's spell .  The darkness is trying to take ove Elish . They are going to have to pull it together to help free Variant and keep Morrigan at bay. 

   Ok i was so excited to finally get to read Variant's book . He is the one character that has me intrigued and baffled .  He is a man torn between two world and when push comes to shove he will try and do what is right. I at first hated him with a passion but as i read this story I started to like the man and got to understand what he was going through . Dragon and the guys are back and really just as grouchy and hot as  ever . We also find out a lot more about Elish and we watch her turn into the warrior she was meant to be . These characters are so well written and honestly they are getting very complex . You will love to hate them. 

    I was so excited to see Variant's book, I sat down and read it in an evening . The story is so well written and has quite a few twists and turns that will have you going what the heck is going on. We learn so much more about the characters in this story. We finally get to see what memories Elish finally has and we get to see the guys come together to keep all of them safe . There are moments where you will laugh at the antics and the jealousy of the guys , you will want to well slap them upside the head . There are also some really hot sexy times that could melt your kindle. The story has moved at a fast pace and you will be swept away into the Veil . This is a page turner and i suggest you read the rest of the series before diving into Variant . So you will a good idea of what is happening . So check it out on your quarantine . I promise you will not be disappointed . 

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