Sunday, April 12, 2020


  HAPPY EASTER to each and everyone of you , today I have a new author for you to read on your Easer/ quarantine book for you  THE QINALI VIRUS  by Valerie J Mikles

                            BOOK BLURB 

Rage. Poverty. Disease.

They’re gone. Every last one.

The cost was great. The population has been devastated. But for the survivors, utopia has arrived. Then the suspicious death of a young person forces Amber to question her world like she never has before. The Contentedness Council is after her, determined to protect their world. Now Amber must unbury her city’s repressed past, expose the crimes that led to their utopia, and find a way to stop the Council from killing the world...again. Join astral-projecting asexual Amber and her telepathic sister as they fight to save the human race from extermination!

                       MY REVIEW 
    They are all gone from Rage, poverty and disease . There are a few survivors and with that utopia . When there is a suspicious death  gets Amber to question what the world and what her purpose is in this new world . With the council after her as she tries to uncover the past and expose the crimes . Then there is the fact that the Council wants to kill off the world .  Will Amber and her sister uncover the whys and will they save the world .  

 For me it was a little hard to connect with the main characters in this book . Amber came off as a little robotic and being the good girl at the begining of the book . That could of been the way the author wanted to protray her .cause she just go through therapy to help her deal with the loss of a parent. As you read you see her really start to become more human as she has her eyes open to what is really going on. There are so many characters in the book that are well written and complex. They all bring the story together . 

 Ok I will admit when i started this book I found it very slow moving at the begining but i kept with it and was really surprise how i got sucked into the story and the characters . The author takes us on an adventure through an apocolapyse . The author doesn't really bore us with the details of how the earth ended , she does it in snippiets here and there .  I had a bit of a confusion over the way the author talked about gender idenitity . Over all i really enjoyed this book and the characters did grow on me towards the end . So if you want an really good story about survival check it out .

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