Monday, April 20, 2020


 Good Monday everyone , day 2 000 of self isolation , well that's what it feels like . Today I have another novella by Lexi C Foss   THE EXPERIMENT (X-CLAN book 2 )

                            BOOK BLURB 

I'm an offering. A test. A pawn in an agreement I know little about.

Fly to Andorra Sector.
Allow them to experiment.
Mate an X-Clan Wolf Alpha.
Hope for the best.

Those are my orders. My fate. My current existence. There's nowhere to run, and the moon is a clock I can't ignore. One of these Alphas will claim me, assuming our genetics are a match. And if not, well, that's a fate worse than death.

Tick tock.
Make a choice.
Your future depends on it. 

The pretty little blonde wolf has seen too much pain for her young years.

It makes me want to fix her.
To adore her.
To show her there can be good in this world.
But our future is wrapped up in an experiment.

Either she's compatible or she's not. The moon will determine our fate, or perhaps my inner wolf will decide it for us. Because with each passing moment, it becomes harder not to claim the female who I know in my heart is very much mine.

Run, run, little one.
And don't look back.
For if I catch you,
I just may bite. 

Note: This is a standalone novella featuring characters from Andorra Sector, Book One of the X-Clan Series. It has Omegaverse elements and features a happily-ever-after ending.

                         MY REVIEW 
  Daciana is a pawn sent to Andorra sector to be tested and then is expected to mate with one of the X- Clan alphas. Being an omega she has to do this and there are scars from her past that have her shaken to her core . When Elias is around her she seems calmer there is something about the Alpha that calls to her in a way that sends her heart beating faster . He wants to fix her , adore her and take away her pain . But will they be compatible only the moon will tell and by then it could be too late where their hearts are concerned . 

  Elias and Daciana a couple that will pull at your heart strings . Daciana is a shy, sweet woman who has been through so much . Her past is so bad that is has scarred her and she starts out as such a timid woman . She is trying hard not to think of what can happen on the full moon . She just wants to run and hide . When she is with Elias we start to see her come back to the woman that she should be . She is stronger then she realizes and when the time comes she shows everyone how strong she can be   Elias is the second in command and he may come off as tough but deep down he is sweet and caring . His wolf senses that Daciana is the one for him but he also knows how scared she is . He is the perfect guy, gentle when he needs to be and he can take a firm hand when needed . You will want him ladies cause he is so dang sexy . 

  This book will bring out all the feels for you . I was all over the place while I was reading .  Daciana and Elias hit me right in the heart strings . The story is set in the Andorra series but honestly this book can be read as a stand alone . I love the way the author treats her characters with care and love .  This may be a novella but it is packed full of love and lust  That could melt your kindle . The characters are so well written and you will love them . So if you want a great novella check it out . You will love the characters and the story  I promise . 

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