Thursday, June 11, 2020


 Good morning all , today is going to be a scorcher out here so I am going to be out in the hammock reading . Today I have the first book in a fun new series by H,p Mallory . BAD BLOOD book one in the F My Life series

                            BOOK BLURB 

I’m so excited to be headed to the Academy of Enchantment where I’ll be a transfer student for the next year...

Except I never make it.

When a shadow demon boards my train, I’m overcome by his power and I black out.

And when I wake up? I’m in a place called Dread.

And, yes, Dread is as snug and cozy as the name would imply.

Awaiting my arrival at the train station is Harlow. He’s an incubus—a sex demon... and let's just say his looks live up to his race. Harlow’s got instructions to deliver me to my host family.

Which means I’ve been expected in Dread. Why? That’s the mystery I need to figure out. And pronto.

But, first, I have to survive the evening at Castle Raven Night and I have to survive my host family, Count Jean-Claude Von Zarovich… the third. Yeah, the count might be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, but he’s also a vampire and last I checked, vampires eat you.

Then there’s Riven… Riven is the headmaster of the Academy of Necromancy and he’s the reason I’m here. And, yes, he’s just as freaking hot as Jean-Claude and Harlow. Only I’ve got a bone to pick with Riven because he totally hijacked my plans…

And yet, there’s something about Riven’s soulful eyes, Jean-Claude’s pain and Harlow’s need that makes me think maybe a quick layover in Dread wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…

Famous last words.

Please Note: This is a paranormal reverse harem academy series meant for readers 18 and over. This is also a SLOW burn reverse harem romance, but it's plenty heavy in the steam department.


                          MY REVIEW 
 Hi all let me introduce myself I am Everly and I am on my way to the Academy of Enchantment ,that is what I thought anyway . When a shadow demon comes aboard the train and Everly ends up in Dread . What is a young dryad going to do when she meets the three men that might just change her life in many ways . 

   Ok you know sometimes when it is the first book of a new series they sometimes are just starting to be developed . Well I will say that these characters are so well developed . Everly is sweet and kind as all dryad are but there is something in her that is feisty and strong . She will do anything to help out those that she cares about. Jean Claude is the strong sexy vampire that is well like any vampire brooding and oh so sexy .There is more to him though that needs to be helped . Riven well he is the sweet guy who is also a shadow demon that is wanting to help . He has soulful eyes that pull you in and want to help him with just about anything . Then there is my favourite character Harlowe , an incubus and a big flirt, he is also loyal to those who he calls friends . I really liked him and his antics . There are some cool characters in this book we have a dragon head master of the school called Cackus . A golem named riddles who is Everly's protector . And another one of my favourite characters Pilot a Pegasus with a real attitude and is another of Everly's protectors . 

   This story is such a hoot to read , I know its a reverse harem book but it is a slow burn and the author is setting it up really well  You can get a sense of the tension that is just starting to build between the four main characters  and it builds slowly . Which honestly I like for this series cause it is such a fun read . The characters are fun and you honestly get a Sookie Stackhouse feel to the book . Just a fun fast read that will have you laughing all the way through. This would be a great book for the beach or pool side . So check it out cause I feel this is going to be one fun filled read .  

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