Monday, June 22, 2020


   Good Monday all , today I have a fun book for you its part of the MAGIC AND MAYHEM Universe  Today we have BIG GIRLS DON'T SCRY  by Marianne Morea

                           BOOK BLURB 

 What's a bar-owning witch to do when a ghost with a grudge starts messing with her happy? Not to mention, messing with the love of her life over an ancestor everyone hates. She calls on her half-demon BFF, and a secret weapon she didn't know she had—The Baba Yaga, a.k.a. the most powerful witch in the world.
Tabitha Morgan is in for the fight of her life…well, for the life of her fiancée, when he's taken over and taken hostage by a hostile witch ghost. History runs amok in this sorcerer's suspense, set in the witchiest place on earth and the home of the magical pokey. Take a ride in a hail of purple smoke and rainbow sparkles, and the worst fashion sense since disco fever died, and see how this ragtag group works magic they didn't know they had to save the day.

                      MY REVIEW 
When Tabitha starts having a vengeful ghost messing up her love life with the man of her dreams . She gathers the gang , her best friend , LInz a half demon  and the secret weapon up her sleeve The Baba Yaga , the head witch and 80's fashion lover. They are in for the battle of their lives when her fiancee is taken and she is out to get him back . Will they survive and will they be able to stay out of the magical pokey . 

 What can I say about these characters well I can say lots . They are well written and complex . Tabitha is feisty and strong , she won't let anything stand in her way . She isn't afraid to do what needs to be done even if she has never done it before .  Michael he is sexy and sweet . He is more then he realizes he is Tabitha's rock when stuff gets too bad. My favourite character is Tabitha's best friend Linz , she is so much fun and is willing to do what Tabitha isn't . She is half demon and loves to torture Tabitha's ex .  They are great characters that you will fall in love with . They really fit into the universe nicely . 

  This is one of those books that when you sit down to read you get lost in the story and the characters . The author takes us on a fun filled , laugh out loud read . There were moments in this book i actually snorted cause I was laughing so hard .  This is a fun quick read and I will say this author has done a great job in this universe . This is one of those books that will be great for your summer reading by the pool or at the beach , So check it out , you will love it . 

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