Tuesday, June 23, 2020


  Good Tuesday all hope your day is going good so far. Today I have the newest book in the  Sentinels of Savannah series by Lisa Kessler , PIRATE'S PERSUASION

                           BOOK BLURB 

  Immortal pirate Drake Cole has a reputation in Savannah for his custom woodworking and historical restorations, but his work has grown into an obsession. He's become a stranger to his crew since the Sea Dog sank in 1795. None of them know his painful secret. A young stowaway went down with the ship, one that Drake swore a blood oath to protect.
The ghost of a young boy, lost at sea over two hundred years ago, leads local medium, Heather Storrey right to Drake’s door. He saved her life before, and now she has a chance to return the favor, but how can she protect him from a curse that no one can see?
A dark coven possesses the figurehead from the Flying Dutchman, and if Heather and the immortal Sea Dog crew don't locate the relic soon, Drake may be lost to them forever. Heather has seen the passionate man behind the veil of guilt, and she's determined to free him from his self-imposed prison, and persuade this pirate to love again.

                        MY REVIEW 
    Welcome back to Savannah and the men of the Sea Dog.   This is Drake's story , He has become a great wood worker in Savannah but it has become an obsession to him . He has back away from the crew and best friends . His dark secret too painful to tell anyone. Until the day the ghost of a young boy brings a beauty to his door . Heather Storrey a local medium , was saved by Drake once before now maybe she can return the favor and save his life from the curse that has been hounding him .  She and the Sea Dog crew are on a search for a relic that a dark coven has taken from Davey Jones locker . They are up against it , they need to find out what is going on before they loose Drake forever  Will they come out with their love intact or will the curse take them down . 

 This being the fourth book in the series you will know most of the characters . Drake is the strong silent type . He is a man haunted by the tragedies of his past and is closed off . There are moments in the book where you want to hug him and tell him things will be ok but the other 45 percent of the time you just want to smack him upside the head cause he is just being a stubborn fool. Heather is special , a medium and also a reincarnated soul. She is sweet and boy she is stubborn . She will do anything for the people she loves and will love with all her heart .  Like all her characters these two are so well written and complex you want them to have their happily ever after . The crew of the Sea Dog are back and they are all as feisty as ever, 

  This is the fourth book in the series and the the author doesn't let up on the action and the romance . Her characters are well written and complex and you will love them or actually hate them through out the book . I love the way the author can weave the tales of each couple but also keeps weaving the over all tale of the Sea Dog in each story .  This is a series that you can read over the summer at the beach or by the pool. So if you want a pirate of your own check it out , you will not be disappointed . 

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