Tuesday, June 30, 2020


  Good Tuesday all , hope you are all having a good week with not too humid and hot weather around you . Today I have a fun book from The Magic and Mayhem Universe . SHIFTED by R.L MERRILL .
                            BOOK BLURB

  Maggie and Louis, Intervention Specialists from the Afterlife, are used to the unusual—or so they think—but a 500lbs alligator on the run, a mute witch with wonky magic, and a vulgar, talking cat are more than they bargained for. Welcome to Assjacket, West Virginia.

                       MY REVIEW 
      Louis and Maggie are out to help again , they are use to the unusual that goes on in the after life but when they are hauling a 500lb gator to Assjacket West Virginia . They are in for more then they bargained for when they meet up with a mute witch and a vulgar cat who is interested in his own pleasure then helping people . Will they be able to help and will the family in Assjacket accept what is coming . 

   Louis and Maggie are back and as much fun to read as the first time you read them . We also get to meet the Zelda and the gang . Garrett and Layla are our star crossed mates in this story . Garrett well the poor guy has been cursed and now he is an alligator stuck in alligator form . He is strong and but he has such a sad past , Layla has just about as sad past , she is sweet and wants to help but she doesn't really know who she is and her magic is all wonky because of it. When they get together they really get each other and know that they belong together . They are such a cute couple when they are together .

  This is such a fun read , I was so excited to see this as part of the magic and mayhem universe. I will say the author did a great job incorporating her characters with the characters of the universe . They are well written and so enjoyable to read . The author takes us on a fun filled ride that will have you laughing and sighing all the way through the book . This is a stand alone book and it will be a great read for this summer at the beach or by the pool . So check it out

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