Sunday, February 13, 2022


  Good afternoon peeps yes I am back with another book for day 6 . This is a fun read for your reading . It is for those of us at a certain age with super powers of our own . THE GOOD WILL TOUR ( Menopausal super heroes ) by Samantha Bryant 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Hero life is not all fistfights and mad scientists. Even superheroes need good press, especially when the world hasn't decided whether superpowers are a blessing or...something else.

Flygirl and Fuerte's next stop on the Unusual Cases Unit's Good Will Tour is Springfield Women's Hospital, a place close to Flygirl's heart and a place redefined for Fuerte by his change. Autographs and gladhanding ought to be a cakewalk.

But when Evelyn Mueller arrives, the PR tour gets quite a shake up. Pushed to the limit by her wife’s cancer diagnosis and denial of experimental treatment, Evelyn shoves back. Will Evelyn find the hero she needs, even if it's not the one she expected?

                      MY REVIEW 
 Hero life is not all saving the damsels and mad scientists . There are times where you have to go out and press the flesh. So it is on the press tour they go . But things aren't as rosy as one seems with people not really understanding what is going on with the people with superpowers  and the super heroes really don't even what they are doing most of the time . Flygirl is off on this press tour with Fuertes coming  along . This has a special place in Fly girls heart . But when  the PR tour gets shaken up by someone who is pushed to the limit by her wife's cancer diagnosis and denial of an experimental treatment . Evelyn shoves back and will she find the hero to help her even if it isn't who she thought it would be . 

The woman in this book are all heroes in their own way . Each of them has the power within them to help themselves out of all situations . Another great reason why I love these characters is that they are all middle aged woman . They know how to handle the problems of life and be able to push back and do it themselves . The two main characters are both sympathetic and tough . Fuertes is a complicated character when she got her powers she was turned into a man but still identifies as woman a strong kick butt woman to be precise.  Fly girl is just as strong and caring . They are such fun characters to hang out with . 

 This novella is one of those books that starts off a little bit slow but does pick up about 3 or 4 chapters into the book you really start to get to know the characters it really starts to flow . i think if i would of read the book Change of Life it would of helped out a lot . I must say though I really enjoyed this book and really loved how the author has written mature characters and not young ones . If you want a fun read with some fun characters check it out 

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