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  Good  morning peeps , I really hope your weekend is going great . i know it is Valentine's weekend so i have a romance for you its a m/m romance . This is a new to me author so let introduce you to Miski Harris and her book CRUISE . 

                            BOOK BLURB

How do you maintain love in the light after a lifetime in the dark?

40-year-old widow Armando Cruz had spent his entire life in the closet. He’d married his best friend and confidante Marta right out of high school. Every year, Marta sends him on a gay men’s luxury cruise. Ten days living vicariously through men who enjoy what he will never have – the freedom to be who he really is.

Marta has passed away and he’s taking the cruise to fulfill a promise made before her death…what made Marta think this time will be different?

At 31 years of age, Lyndon Douglas has concluded his poor past choices have damned him to be single forever. His mother’s concern that Lyndon’s locked himself in an emotional prison with no escape prompted her to surprise him with an all-expenses paid gay cruise…will the change of scene free him from the shadows?

When Armando and Lyndon meet the attraction is powerful and forms a strong bond between the two men. Is ten days enough time for their bond of light to curse the darkness at home?

If you always do what you’ve always done;

all you get’s what you’ve always got;

or no

                       MY REVIEW 

 Armando has been living in the closet for most of his life . He married his best friend and confidante Marta . When she passes away things change for Armando he is free to live his life but is scared to do so . So he goes on one last cruise where he can be himself and live free as a gay man . He wasn't looking for something serious but in walks Lyndon and the attraction is so powerful that they spend every moment together on the cruise . Is ten days enough time to create the bond that will take them where they want to be when they get back to reality or will it all come crashing down around them .

  Armando and Lyndon oh what can we say about them . Armando is a distinguished older man who we meet at the worst time of his life at the funeral of his wife and best friend . We see him at his worst and at his best as he comes to the realization that he can live his life the way his wife wanted him to . We really get to see him literally blossom and become confidant in his actions and his love . Lyndon is a strong man who has had the best relationship with his parents and they were there for him . But there is a bit of sadness to both these characters as they both have had so many hardships in their lives . Armando's is a family that is homophobic and highly religious and won't stand for a gay man in their lives . Lyndon has been fighting against a crazy stalker ex boy friend .I love how they can be stronger together then apart . There is one more character that really needs mentioning and that is Lyndon's mom . She is a pistol packing momma that doesn't take no for an answer . The Miguel the father n law of  Armando's well he is a little more on their side then Armando reallizes . He really puts those women in their place . You will see when you read . The characters are well written and complex just the way I like them . 

  This is more then a romance book , it has really sweet moments and there is some intrigue to it . It also tackles a little bit on religion and homophobias that happen in a very religious family. The author takes us on a very emotional ride and we empathize with the characters . For such a short book there is a lot going on and for a moment or two I kind of felt lost in all the happenings that were going on . But I did find my way back and truly enjoyed this book and want to see what other books she has out . So if you like m/m books full of sweet moments and lots of angst check it out. 

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