Friday, February 11, 2022


  Good morning peeps and welcome to day 4 . Today I have a fantasy book for you REVERENCE OF A RONIN  by Bree M Lewandoski. 


                         BOOK BLURB

        Western winds blow revolution across Japan as Emperor Meiji seeks to modernize his country. The changes, the whispers of siege and war in retaliation, sweep over Ono Aia. Her small world, wound and bound like the kimono around her body, revolves around the geishas she serves and the geisha she hopes to be. 

      But upheaval cannot be stopped. Aia is flung into the arms of a swordsman with obsidian eyes and a blade that can cut more than mortal flesh. His name is Nen.

   At his side, not only does Aia learn of a mythical realm beyond human comprehension, she learns where her heart may truly lie. Perhaps it is not in the study and perfection of the geisha tradition. Perhaps, it beside a man larger than life. His size terrifies and thrills her. His black eyes dazzle and delight her. 

      But the spirits of Japanese lore could destroy man's reality. Can the fates of the mortal and fantastical world remain in balance? Or will Aia find her heart only to lose it in the uproar? 

                      MY REVIEW 
 Lets head to Japan in the time of Geisha and warlords . Where the winds of change are coming . Aia is bound to train as a geisha and serve as the other geisha's do . When a warrior comes into her life and she is flung into his arms as her world is upheaved. Nen is more then a swordsman , his blade can cut through more then just mortal flesh . When she is at Nen's side she finds out there is more to the world . She learns of a mythical realm and most important she finds that she may be meant for more then being a geisha . 

  This is one of those novellas where you find you instantly love the characters . Aia is one of those women who wants to belong and do well at what she does . Geisha's world is one of service and being the perfect submissive . She really does comes off as naive through out the book . Nen well he is strong and sexy but there is an air of mystery to him, He is more then just a man and he wants Aia to come with him and see the world . They are such strong forces and together its like they are unstoppable. 

 This is one of those books where when you sit down and start reading you are transported to early Japan. The descriptions of that time are beautiful you feel like you are right there watching the Geisha and their duties . The author really told a great action packed story and you can really get into it . I did feel that she could of split the book in two and fleshed out the characters a little more and took us on an epic journey . Over all i enjoyed this book and the authors writing . So if you want a book that you can finish in a day check it out

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