Friday, February 4, 2022


  Good morning my peeps hope you are having a fabulous day , its Friday and time to get your books for the weekend . Today I have a new book from one of my favourite authors . HARD TO LOVE ( Unraveled the next generation book one ) by Theresa Sederholt 

                            BOOK BLURB 

 Antonia Phillips and Grace Fleming are not only cousins and best friends, they’re the dynamic duo of Discreet Investigations. And they’ve caught their first case. The client is Mason Hartman, a victim of temporary amnesia due to an accident. The guy just needs help putting some pieces of his life together that he can’t quite figure out. He’s not the only one. It turns out that he is the son of Mark Chambers, one of New York’s most notorious serial murderers. There’s only one man who’s been able to climb into that madman’s head, and that’s NYPDs retired detective Fitzgerald Rodriguez. Every great detective has that one case that never leaves them, haunting them in their dreams. What will it take to get Fitz onboard?

What should have been an open and shut case has these two private eyes falling down a rabbit hole so deep and twisted, it stirs up questions about their own family—especially for Antonia. Why are her parents so overprotective to the point of her growing up with bodyguards around her at all times? What are they afraid of and why are they terrified of hers and Grace’s decision to open their business in New York City?

Most importantly—why did she walk away from the only man she ever loved only to have him pop back into her life to stir up the same old feelings and question: why is she so hard to love?

They say you never know what you have until you lose it.

What will be the cost to Antonia . . . to the whole Phillips/Fleming family?

                   MY REVIEW

 Antonia and Grace have grown up together and been more then cousins for their entire lives . They are the brains behind the discreet detective agency. When they get their first case they may of bitten off more then they can chew . Between the man with no memory and their parents trying to keep them safe . Then to top it off the man she loved and still does walks back into her world wanting her back . Questioning why does she think she is so hard to love. 

Omg the clan is back and the girls are all grown up. Antonia is all grown up and man she is one strong willed woman . She takes after her dad in so many ways . She is no nonsense and will do anything to keep her family safe. Grace is I think is the part of Antonia that is more clinical and more tactical . She thinks things through and uses her training from her dad to help Antonia . The man they are helping find his past , Mason Harmon, well he is just kind of creepy in his manners . He just has a eerie aura around him and you don't want him anywhere around the woman . I was so excited when i found out my favourite character out of all this authors works was going to be in this book . Retired detective  Fitzgerald Rodirquez. He is well he is superman . He doesn't want to help but when he does help he is in with everything in him . 

 This is one of those books where you just want to devour in one sitting . It ties into the unraveled series nicely showing how connected the family is even when the kids have grown up . The characters are well written and complex you start to really care for each of them .  There are moments in this book where you are on the edge of your seat wanting to know what will be coming up next and then there are moments where you just want to wrap each of the main characters up in a warm blanket and tell them everything will be ok . The author has a way of adding twists and turns that will have you flipping pages . I love how all the books tie together in this book . So if you want a great book check it out . I promise you will love the characters . I promise you will love this book . 

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