Friday, February 18, 2022


 Good Friday all , I got my first novel from reader round up and man it is a good one .FROGETTING JANE by CJ Warrant. 

                            BOOK BLURB

 Amnesia and an unspeakable crime have stolen everything from Jane Doe, but the haunting image of a girl in a yellow dress keeps repeating in her head. Is it a memory of her past or is she going insane?

Small town chief of police, Elias McAvoy is haunted as well by the crushing guilt he feels over the deaths of two women, one by his own hand. Even if Elias has to battle his own demons, nothing is going to stop him from protecting Jane.

Delving deeper into Jane’s case, Elias uncovers a tangled web of lies and old murders that span forty years. As the mystery of the girl in yellow unfolds, so does Elias and Jane’s love deepens. Hell-bent on cleaning loose ends, the killer emerges and takes Jane to finish what he started. Racing against time, Elias has to save Jane from the sadistic killer or lose the woman he loves forever.

                        MY REVIEW
  Jane has had everything stripped from her , she survived a serial killer and can't remember what happened . To top it off she is also being haunted by a little girl in a yellow dress. Elias MacAvoy the chief of police is promising to keep her safe but he is fighting his own demons from a past that has him vowing to protect Jane at any cost . Will they survive the serial killer and will they be able to heal from a past that haunted them . 
 The characters in this story are very well written . Jane has been through so much she is strong stronger then she realizes . She is also a survivor who will do anything to help find the man who is killing women. Elias well he is a good guy but he is fighting demons of his past . He is trying to redeem himself for a past .  He has a heart of gold and watching him with Jane it is like this is where he is going to redeem himself and maybe put the past behind him,. Magda is my favourite character . She is the feisty grandmother figure who fusses over everyone like a mother hen . But don't you dare cross her cause she will put you in your place fast and hard. These are wonderful characters that are complex and well written . 
 I haven't read a good romantic thriller in a long time and when I saw this one I grabbed it . I really like the writing style of this author who is new to me by the way. The characters are well written and you want to hug them and tell them everything will be ok. The romantic part of this book doesn't overpower the whole story moves fast and you will be on the edge of your seat most of the time . I truly enjoyed this story and the characters . This is one of those stories that will have you up all night reading . So check it out if you want a good read that will have you reading all night. 

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