Thursday, February 10, 2022


 Good morning my peeps and welcome to day 3 of reader roundup . Today I have another new author to me . Lets welcome Carrie Weston and her book PETEMPATHISER TEAM ( a dark fairy tale)

                              BOOK BLURB

  Jonathan; human slave to the Queen of the Seelie is finally home. But while he’s been running for his life, time in the human realm has passed quickly and nothing is as it was. To make it worse the two fairy's, who helped him escape, fell through the portal with him. And Shayleigh, oddest of the two, is now acting strangely.

Will anyone help him?

Will his hunters capture and enslave him again?

                          MY REVIEW
 Jonathan is a human slave that has been in the court of the Queen of the Seelie . He has finally escaped and gotten home . But time has passed quickly in the human realm and nothing is the same. Now he is running and to make matter worse the two fairies that helped him have fallen through the portal with him and now one is acting funny . What is he going to do Will he be able to live free or will the hunters find him and enslave him again. 

 This is one of those stories that the characters really drive the story . They have such a complex back story for each of them . Jonathan is a human slave , he is driven and a survivor . All he wants to do is go home . Shayleigh is an odd one coming from royal blood but she just really doesn't fit in and is under the control of the Seelie Queen, Akantha is a warrior who is a defender . She is tough and a real fighter . I truly liked these character and feel the author can really expand their stories .

 This is one of those novellas that you can read in a couple of hours . The author takes us on a roller coaster ride through out the story. We have have dragons and fairies oh and an Evil Queen . All the things to make a great story that can keep you entertained . Over all I enjoyed this book but I felt that there were a lot of unanswered questions. Like what is the actual age is Jonathan . If Shayleigh was born of royal blood why wasn't she wiped out by the Queen . I am pretty sure the author will let us in on them in other books . This would be a good book for those preteens out there who love magic and fairies . So if you want a good book for you and your kids check it out

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