Tuesday, February 8, 2022


  Good morning peeps , today is the first day of reader round up and it is time for some great books from some great authors . Today I have A VALKYRIE'S VOW  by Madison Granger, 

                               BOOK BLURB

 Sigrid, one of the illustrious Valkyries, has spent eons in Valhalla. When Odin sends her on a task, she can’t get there fast enough. Until she lands on a horse ranch in Texas… Where’s the battlefield? Who’s the warrior she’s to take back to Valhalla?

When Slade Larsen started taking in runaway boys, he honestly thought he was doing a good thing—giving them a place to stay and teaching them responsibility and a trade. But a couple of them came with more baggage than most, and it’s bringing a new kind of danger he isn’t prepared to deal with.

How is Sigi supposed to prepare Slade for his death when her feelings want him to live? Together, they battle dark forces that threaten to take over the boy’s lives and Sigi fights to keep Slade from crossing a line that will damn him for eternity.

                      MY REVIEW 
   Sigi is one of Odin's favourite Valkyries and is sent to keep a warrior on the straight path so he can enter Valhalla . Who knew that she was going to find the one man that she could fall in love with . Slade is a good guy who takes in troubled boys and has them working on the ranch and keeping up good grades . When two of the boys come with more baggage then usually will Slade go to the darkside to protect them and will Sigi be able to keep him from slipping to the dark side . Will they survive what needs to be done and will they get their happily ever after. 
  The characters are well rounded and complex. Sigi is well she is a warrior and nothing really phases her until she meets Slade . She feels torn on her feelings and how to protect everyone. Slade well he is a sweet good ole boy who is working with kids that need help . He has a heart of gold but he also has a past that can send him in a totally different path . They are such a good couple and they really fit together . I really liked them as team . 
  This is a novella that is packed full of story and characters that you will love . The author really packs a lot into 17 chapters . There are moments that will have you on the edge of your seat going omg and there a couple of places that will make you blush.  Over all I truly enjoyed this book and want to read more from this author . So if you want a fun fast read for an evening check it out. 

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