Monday, July 27, 2020


 Good Monday all yes I know I am late on doing my blog post today , but alas it has been one of those days that everything and anything could go wrong . So tonight I have the last book in the Sacred Oath series by Plum Pascal .THEREN

                            BOOK BLURB 

    The Midnight Queen is no longer our only threat. Abedon, a god, threatens to awaken and if he does, he could destroy everything we’ve worked so hard for…
Theren is now able to see the light, but that doesn’t mean the others are ready to accept him.
And Variant is still under the power of the Midnight Queen.
But nothing is as threatening as the fact that Abedon could soon take control.
Now that my memories have been returned to me, I know who and what I am.
I’m the leader of the Vindication—a group of rebels who fight against Variant and the Midnight Queen.
Even as I fight to keep the peace between my harem of men, and I fight to protect my people, there’s a looming threat that could wipe us all out…
Find out what happens in the sixth and final book in the Sacred Oath Series!

                       MY REVIEW 
   The Midnight Queen is no longer the only threat that the group are facing now . Abedon is a threat that if awoken he could destroy everything that the group has worked hard to do.  Theren has finally seen the light but Variant is still under the queen's spell . Elish has her memories back and she finds out what she truly is . They are ready to fight all the comes up . Will they be able to survive what is coming or will they all end up loosing their lives .

 Elish and the men are back and we finally get to see Elish come into her full power and watch her become a kick butt warrior .  We finally get to see the true Theren , the man that Elish loved at the beginning and we also get to see Variant finally come to the realization that he belongs with the group. Each one has something special to give Elish to keep her equalized in the dark and the light .

  This is the final book in the series , I was actually sad to see this series end . The author shows us the full story of each character that finally comes full circle . This is one of those books that you need to find a place to settle down and read . The characters will grab you and keep you entertained . I love the complexity of each of the characters , they are gods but so flawed with insecurities . There are some emotional times through the book that will have you shedding a tear and there are also some really hot romantic scenes that will have you blushing and fanning yourself . I will say that you should read the whole series to get the whole picture of what is happening  so you don't get confused . This would be a great series for those long summer nights sitting by the fire . Check them out 

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