Saturday, July 4, 2020


  Good morning all , happy 4th for those in the states . Today I have a new author to me and her book .  FINDING FOREVER  by E.A Weston .

                            BOOK BLURB 

     Seventeen year old Harper Collings
      Just wants to get away                                                                                                   
Away from the life that has been inflicted on her.
   Away from the pain it causes
         Away forever.

Cole Kennedy has it all.
A pretty girl on his arm.
A best friend by his side.
He's the quarterback for his high school football team.
Cole wants to get away from his life.
Away from the stress it causes.
Away forever.

Nobody knows the secret life Cole Kennedy has to endure, the everyday torment from his father until the day he snaps. The day Cole is arrested and taken away from everything he knows. Sentenced to finish out the rest of senior year in Sunshine Estates he meets one girl that doesn't seem to care about life even more than him.

Harper Collings takes solace in the reprieve that Sunshine Estates brings. Her life is painful and leaves scars. When the new guy tries to befriend her, Harper does her best to push him away, she doesn't want him, she doesn't need him. But in the end he is the only person that can save her.

When two lives collide, they find more that they were looking for.
They find, Forever.

                        MY REVIEW 
     Harper Collings has had it bad her parents are supper religious and she wants to break free.  Cole has been living a secret life that has him starting to crumble around him . When they get sent to Sunset Estates, where they find out what is the best for them and within that find themselves and love , 

  This is a story where the characters are flawed but so well written .  Harper is a young woman who is trying to break away from her parents that are over controlling and just want to keep her locked away . She comes off as a b with an itch but underneath she is a sweet , caring girl . Who just wants to have a love that will protect her and cherish her . She starts out naive but trying to put on a tough exterior . We do get to see her grow as a person as we see her through out the book . Cole seems to have it all football star and has a great friends . He is damaged though he is hiding a secret that might stop him from his future.  They are train wrecks but when they get together they seem to make each other better and help heal each other  

  This is a book where you have to sit down and get comfy to read .This is more then a teen romance book . There is a deeper meaning behind the book . The author takes us on a very emotional journey . There is alcohol dependency , abuse and so much more that is going on , The way the author has these two characters come together is sweet.  They really help each other out . This is a book that will have you getting all the feels . You will laugh and cry and cheer for them .  There were moments in the book that in my opinion that kind of dragged just a little and felt a little slow but over all I truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read book two . So if you want a book that will give you all the feels check it out. 

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