Tuesday, July 21, 2020


 Well it is so hot and humid out today its a great day to sit in front of the a/c and read a really good book . Today I have book 3 in the Fated Mountain Wolf Pack series . STALKED MATE  by Jessica Aspen.

                            BOOK BLURB 

 It was just another ordinary day for Glenna…until she was violently attacked and thrown into a world of wolves—a world she never knew existed.
Now she's hell-bent on escape…
After nearly going wild wolf, Sam Wulfric is back and sane—mostly. The last assignment he wants is babysitting a new wolf shifter—and all the chaos that involves. Even worse, she’s one of the sexiest women he’s ever seen. And to top it all off—she’s driving his wolf crazy.
But everyone from the US Government to an unknown assailant is after Glenna and Sam’s instincts take over. Now, he’ll do anything to keep Glenna safe—even if her new found mating urge drives him over the edge.
Sam’s already found and lost and he’s hell bent on never going through that again. But fate has other plans…

                     MY REVIEW 
  Glenna was having a good day until the moment she was attacked and thrown into a world that she knew nothing about . The world of wolf shifters . Sam Wulfric is back in the fold and sane well mostly sane . There is the one thing he doesn't want is to be baby sitting a new wolf and the woman that is driving him and his wolf crazy. She is sexy and sweet and driving his wolf crazy . Now that everyone wants her from the governments to and unknown assailant are after her . Sam will do everything to keep Glenna safe . Will they be able to stay alive long enough to follow their hearts.

 What can I say about Sam and Glenna but holy wow . They are well written and complex . You really feel for Sam he has been through so much , he went wild and was in wolf form for awhile . He is strong and oh so sexy trust me . You will want him to come and rescue you . Glenna is well she is sweet and has a strength that matches Sam . She has had such a bad day and when she meets Sam the sparks fly . There are characters from the other books that come and help out Serina from book two who helps with some dream walking . These two have to be my favourite couples out of the whole series . I love Sam's wildness and Glenna's strength . 

   This is a book that you can really sink your teeth into . The author has a way of taking us on the roller coaster ride of emotions . The author writes in Glenna's and Sam's points of view .  I truly love this series and all the couples but this couple seems to have the most to loose and gain  The author has a way of taking scarred characters and making them whole again .  This is a very entertaining book that you will not put down until you are done . A great book to read by the pool or out at the lake . So check it out . 

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