Monday, July 13, 2020


 Well it is Monday again and today I have book two in the Mists of Mayhem series  . CIRCLE OF THE MOON  by H.p Mallory .

                           BOOK BLURB 

   Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter…
Welcome to the sexy world of magic and mayhem—of witches, vampires, fae and lycanthropes.          This episodic, monthly fantasy romance series features all the characters you know and love from the New York Times Bestselling Jolie Wilkins series.
Never heard of the Jolie Wilkins series? Don’t let that stop you. This series serves as a standalone, immediately sucking you in and refusing to let go…

Episode 2: Circle of the Moon
Sinjin Sinclair might have been estranged from his family and friends, but that doesn’t mean he stopped caring about them. Learning of a possible threat to his niece, Emma, Sinjin has his own card to play.
Meanwhile, Emma finds herself increasingly attracted to her professor, Stone, who might not be all he appears. Then there’s also charismatic Clark who seems to be vying for her attentions.
And what will it mean for Bryn when she receives a visionary dream where she learns her sister, Jolie, long suspected to be dead, might actually be alive and lost in a place called the Abyss?
Find out what happens in the second episode of the Mists of Magic and Mayhem Series!

                          MY REVIEW 
    Bryn has a vision of her sister and Sinjin is keeping tabs on Emma and the family .  When Bryn heads out to talk to an old friend about the dream of Jolie being alive . Sinjin knows and devises a plan to go and help her out. While Emma is finding herself more and more attracted to her professor Stone Draper .  Then there is Rand and the hurt he is going through .  There is a lot going on and man its good . Will everyone survive and come out with their hearts intact. 

    In book two we get to find out more about some of the characters . There is more to Stone then we first thought . He is hiding a big secret , which of course I am not going to tell you buts Its good really good . Bryn well she is determined as ever to find her sister . She is feistier then ever and really determined .  Emma is well she is confused and fighting her feelings big time .  I love her so much she seems like a typical teen trying to get through school and she is wearing the weight of the world on her shoulders .  These characters are so well written and getting more and more complex . 

  In book two we find out more about some of the characters that we love already after book one .  The author takes us on a journey that has us heading to the fae realm and beyond . I can't wait to see where the author takes these characters . I love how we can read these books as a stand alone series . You don't need to read the Jolie series but it is a good idea. This series is becoming one of my favourite series by the author . She can weave a tale using magic and romance to fuel the story. I will warn you there is a big cliff hanger but you don't have to wait long to get the next book . So if you want a fun series to read at the beach check it out , you will not be disappointed at all . 

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