Sunday, July 5, 2020


  Good Sunday all its a balmy 80 degrees out side a good day to read by the pool . Today I have the second book in the Kate Gardener mysteries . DE PROFUNDIS .

                            BOOK BLURB 

  As faithful parishioners gather for Vespers on All Saints Day, a beloved priest is bludgeoned to death in the church sacristy…
Though he is no stranger to controversy, the priest’s death sends shockwaves through the community. Allegations from the past come to light when a young seminarian, the victim of sexual abuse, is found hiding on the church property, his clothing covered with blood.
Forensic photographer Kate Gardener has her doubts about the young man’s guilt, and her hunches are seldom wrong. The twists and turns of this complicated and controversial case throw Kate into the path of the members of a notorious dining club…. and a very handsome young architect. Romantic entanglements must take a backseat to the case, however, as the investigation intensifies and the inquest into the death of Neville Crane looms.
Together with Detective Sergeant Richard Pierce, Jimi Khan, and the rest of the team, Kate must overcome her fears and face the ghosts of her past in the race to piece the clues together and catch a brutal murderer before he strikes again.

                       MY REVIEW
    When a priest is bludgeoned to death in the church sacristy with a full congregation for Vespers. on all Saints Day. Kate Gardener and the gang are there to start the investigation .. When she finds a young man hiding in the cemetery .  Where old accusations of abuse come to life . Will they be able to figure out what happened . 

  In book 2 the characters are getting more and complex . Kate is much more involved in this book . We see her fighting hard to find out who killed the priest . She is stronger and much more complex . The rest of the squad is back and they are all more and more complex . We get to see some romance between Rick and Kate . They are well written and you will love them . 

  This is the second book in the series and it actually takes on the church and some past sins that have gone on in the church . The author handles it with care and takes us on an emotional journey that will have you on the edge of your seat . There is a love triangle in this one which i think over shadows the mystery , it feels a little forced in sometimes like the author didn't know where to take the characters so lets put them in a love triangle . Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the book and can't wait to read book three . So if you want a book for the beach this is the one for you 

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