Tuesday, July 14, 2020


  Good morning all hope your Tuesday is going well so far . I am on my third cup of tea trying to figure out what this day will bring . But before the day comes at me full swing I have a great new book for you  WOLF HEART by Linda Thomas- sundstrom

                            BOOK BLURB 

   One night changed their lives forever

Colton Killion—Miami Police offer and full-blooded Lycan, barely survives the vicious vampire attack that decimates his family. The trauma transforms him into a legendary being among wolf packs. Ghost Wolf. Now he's on a life-and-death mission to restore justice. The last thing he needs is a distraction—especially Rosalind Kirk.

Rosalind Kirk— long kept in seclusion due to her extraordinary talents, also fights the vampires. But her talents include absorbing traits of other creatures…and when something dormant in her family’s bloodline wakes up inside her, the spirit of an ancient Banshee vies for space, making Rosalind a unique wolf-vampire-banshee hybrid.

Now, Colton is the only being who can protect Rosalind from Others. But can they ignore the passion that sparks between them?

Rosalind and Colton must risk everything by crossing a forbidden line…consequenes be damned.

                    MY REVIEW
  Colton Killion is having a rough night . A police officer and a Lycan he is on the case when he is attacked by vampires . The same vampires that ripped apart his family . When someone comes along to help him fight the vampires  Rosalind Kirk a wolf with some special talents of her own.  When Colton's trauma transforms him into a mythical white ghost . Legendary among the wolf packs . Now he is protecting Rosalind from the things that want her . The passion ignites and can they ignore their feelings . Will they be able to survive to have the love they deserve . 

     I adore these two characters so much . Rosalind is a feisty woman who can take care of herself but is hiding some secrets . She wants to be free and not hidden away by her father. Colton well he is a man's man and he is a sworn protector , he has been through a tough time and is kind of sad . When they meet the imprint and now the mating instinct is high . They are such great and complex characters . You will fall for them and love them . 

   This is a book that when you sit down to read it be prepared to stay right where you are for awhile . The author has a way to get you to love the characters by the third page and keep on loving them through the whole book . There is so much that goes on in this book that will keep you on the edge of your seat and going whoa, what just happened. It isn't all action though we do have some sexy romantic moments that will set your kindle on fire .  I truly love this authors vision of what a werewolf is . The characters are very well written and complex and you will love them .  This series is a series that will keep you reading all summer long . A great beach read that will have you passing the day away . Check it out . 

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