Friday, July 3, 2020


  WOOOHOO  we made it Friday . Today I have another book in the Magic and Mayhem universe . GHOUL ME ONCE  by R.L Merrill ,

                           BOOK BLURB 

   The Magic and Mayhem continue as Garrett and Layla, along with their allies from Assjacket, return to the Bayou in a new Shifted adventure...

Clarabelle Cocodri has a lot on her plate as guardian of her teenaged gator Shifter brother. When her favorite cousin—and new alpha—returns to Terrebonne Parish,  she's not too sure it's for the best. He's mated to a witch, and the congregation has been done dirty by magic users. But when she finds a gorgeous stranger in her garden shed with a magical malady, she knows she'll need Garrett's help.
Johann Bastien is a lonely, down-on-his-luck musician in the French Quarter looking for a change in his life and a break from his bullying bandmates. He gets more than he bargained for when he's compelled to take a walk into the darkness and wakes up in the St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery a new—but definitely not better—man. He flees to the Bayou and finds solace in a quiet garden shed until he can figure out what he'll do next...that is until the most beautiful woman he's ever seen opens the door.
Garrett Cocodri and Layla Du Mer are fated mates who just want the opportunity to strengthen their bond. But Garrett's father left a mess for them and everyone and their gator needs their help. When an injured Shifter is found with a strange bite, and Garrett's childhood best friend shows up unexpectedly, Garrett is forced to put his bonding on hold to face challenges he never saw coming. 
Can Johann be saved from his debilitating condition? Can Clarabelle learn to trust her cousin and overcome her fear of witches? Will Garrett and Layla become the leaders Terrebonne Parish not only wants but needs? These witches and Shifters will have to work together and try to ignore their hopped-up hormones in order to rebuild their struggling congregation and survive a powerful foe who threatens them all.
                            MY REVIEW 
  Welcome back to the bayou where Garrett and Layla are trying to fix the mess his father left their congregation in .  His cousin Clarabelle has her hands full trying to raise her teenage brother who is also and alligator shifter. She doesn't really trust the new alpha and is wary of Layla cause she is a witch . Johann well he is a down on his luck musician and just wants a change for the better . Its just one big family that will have to figure out how to get along and trust each other . 

 Welcome back to some wonderful characters . Garret and Layla are back and better then ever . Garrett is learning how to be alpha and he is still as sweet as ever . He is not to be reckoned with though if you hurt one of his .  Layla is really coming into her own and she is such a strong woman you get to see her in action through out the book . Clarabelle well she is shy , tired and scared of what could come . We see her grow through out the story  and when we see her with Johann you can see the sparks fly.  Johann well you just want to wrap your arms around this poor man and hug him tight . He has gone through  so much in his life .  He is a sweet guy that has been through so much and we get to see him come out of his shell and actually trust some one even when he finds out what happened to him . They are all such good characters and are so well written and growing more and more complex with each story ,

   This story is one that you can read in an evening . The author has a great way of weaving a tale that will give you all the feels . The characters continue to grow and become more complex . Just like the first book where we meet everyone , the author doesn't pull punches . She sets them up to be the best that they can be .  The story is a fun fast read and can be read as a stand alone but if you really want to get to know everyone you can always read the first book by the author .  So here is another great book for the beach or the pool check it out

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