Friday, July 10, 2020


Well we made to Friday and its going to be a great weekend. Today we have a new author and new book . WHEN IN LUCK by Colleen Nye .

                           BOOK BLURB 

   What if your celebrity crush was attainable?---------------------------------------------------You know that old saying: When in Rome? When you’re in a place, an environment different than you’re used to, you’re excused from how you’d normally act and are allowed to—heck, are obliged to—indulge? Try telling my best friend, Alice, that. When I had to back out of our girl’s trip to Maui, Alice not only got to meet her celebrity crush, but he actually asked her out on a date! One she tried to cancel. She won’t get out of it so easily when I step in. One thing is for sure, we never thought we’d ever meet our celebrity crushes. And at our age and with kids? We certainly never thought they’d pursue us! But here we go… awkward moments, blinding spotlights and all.

                       MY REVIEW 
   When Alice goes on vacation in Maui without her best friend Vivianne who is at home with her kids and her crappy husband .  When Alice meets her celebrity crush she is flustered . Vivianne comes to the rescue with hilarious results . Vivianne steps in and when they have so much fun with the men that waltzed into their lives . Will they be able to have fun and keep their crushes or will real life bring them down again . 

   Vivianne and Alice are such fun characters to read . Vivianne is such joy and full of life even though she is tied to a man that doesn't love her anymore . She wants to live but she doesn't know how . She is the comic relief to Alice who may be feisty but she is also very sad .  They are fun to read and you will be giggling through out the book . They are well written and you will love them . 

  This book is a book that you can sit by the pool and read . The author takes us on a fun filled ride  that will have you giggling . It has your fantasy of finding and falling for your celebrity crush and him falling in love with you . There are some fun times through out the book and the author did something different and its from just one of the characters point of view . So we see everything from Vivianne's point of view. Sometimes I felt the book was a little too wordy and it took away from the story . Also it dragged in some parts i felt it could of been thinned out just a bit . Over all I enjoyed this book and want to see if they really do end up all together in the end of the series . So check it out 

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