Thursday, July 9, 2020


  Good morning everyone today is cloudy , windy and dreary here on the farm so its a great day to read . Today we have COLLISION FORCE  by C.A SZAREK

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    The last thing Andi needs is a cocky FBI agent…
Bad boy FBI agent Cole Lucas always gets his man. So when the unthinkable happens and one gets away, Cole grits his teeth and hunts the human trafficker all the way to Antioch, Texas, where he collides with Detective Andi MacLaren.
Cole doesn’t do small towns and he doesn’t get involved with women he works with, but Andi tempts him in ways he doesn’t want to acknowledge.
Two murders, her partner shot and leading the investigation on her own, the last thing Andi needs is a cocky FBI agent that sees her as no more than a tagalong.
As a widow and single mother, she’s used to being on her own. When Cole gets stuck without a place to stay, crashing on her couch puts them in dangerous territory.
Attraction and passion bring Andi to a place she left behind when her husband died.
Her three-year-old son quickly wiggles his way into Cole’s heart, and he starts contemplating things—family, love—that he’d never planned for himself.
Can being forced to work together make them stronger or will their differences jeopardize their case and their hearts?

                         MY REVIEW 
 What happens when a small town deputy is paired with a cocky FBI agent . Well sparks do fly . When Cole Lucas has a criminal evade him, he is out to find him . Which takes him to Anitoch Texas where he has to work Andi Maclaren, a small town deputy who is working on her own case . Will the sparks fly or will their differences push them apart . 

 Wow is what I say about the characters in this story . Cole well he is cocky and sexy . He is one hundred percent a man's man . There is something under Cole's gruff exterior a  sweetness that Andi pulls out of him . Andi is sweet but tough as nails she is good at her job but not so good at feelings . She has been a widow and a single mom for so long . She doesn't know what to do when Cole comes and stays on her couch . You can feel the sparks fly with these two . 

  This is the first book I have read from this author and I am going to continue reading the series . The author us on an adrenaline fueled roller coaster ride . The characters are well written and complex you will love them and want to slap them upside the head through out the book .  I love strong female character and this book has one Andi is that character . The only down side to this book that it seemed to drag a little in the middle of the book . I felt like it seemed just to be a little slow . Over all i really enjoyed this book and going to dive right into book two . So if you like a good romantic suspense and this book to your summer reading list . 

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