Thursday, October 1, 2020


 Wow where did time go its October 1st already , this year is just flying by . Today I have book 4 in the Mist of Magic and Mayhem series, HUSH OF RUIN by HP Mallory. 

                            BOOK BLURB 

  Episode 4: Hush Of Ruin

Sinjin Sinclair has one goal—to gain entry into the Abyss in order to find and protect his one true love. But getting into the Abyss isn’t quite as easy as he might have hoped and he’ll find himself traveling to Faery in order to request help from an unlikely source...

Meanwhile, Emma continues to try to understand who sent a killer spirit after her. And the one person who can help her solve the mystery just happens to be her incredibly handsome and sexy professor...

Pagan wonders if maybe going to Nyx wasn’t such a good idea, after all, when he finds himself her prisoner...

And what happens when Jolie suddenly feels the presence of her sister through their shared mental bond? Is it possible Bryn has entered the Abyss?

Find out what happens in the fourth episode of the Mists of Magic and Mayhem Series!

                      MY REVIEW 
  In episode 4 we find Sinjin trying to find his way into the Abyss to find his love . Poor Emma is trying to figure out who sent a ghost that is bent on trying to kill her and her feelings for the teacher that is more then just her teacher .  Jolie is trying to figure out why she can feel her sister 's presence . Pagan is thinking that maybe that going to Nyx was a bad idea . When he becomes her prisoner . What could happen . 

 With each book the characters get stronger and more complex . Sinjin is relentlessly tracking his love through the abyss . Brynn is trying to find her sister and hiding from the monsters lurking in the abyss . Jolie is fighting her way through the Abyss and Emma is fighting a ghost and fighting some feelings for a certain teacher . They are all going through so much in each episode you just want to love them .  So going to not send out anymore spoilers but I really can't wait to see where she takes them . 

  I am loving this series so much the books are a fun fast read and the emotional rollercoaster rid will leave you on the edge of your seat . The author just has a way with her characters that will have you loving them and then hating them on the next page . I seriously believe that this author has a way of writing multiple points of view in one book and keeping them straight . i can' t wait for the next episode . This is a good book for those long fall night . I will suggest that you read the series in order so you know what is going on through out each book . So check it out . 

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