Tuesday, October 27, 2020


  Good Tuesday all , I hope your morning is going well , its time to hunker down with a good book here as we are getting freezing rain and snow today . I have a great book for your Halloween night . WE WHO BURN  by Merethe Walther . 

                             BOOK BLURB

  Petra Freyrsdótter can raise an entire village from the dead with her magic—so why can’t she bring her lover back to life?

Petra has spent the last two years trying to resurrect Orrus, the man she loves. And even though she’s a powerful necromancer, nothing works, and Orrus is perpetually stuck as a listless shade at her side while she searches all of Aelamor for a way to restore him.
But when Petra gets caught by a priest for the God of Truth and Light—an order that burns necromancers at the stake—instead of killing her, he presents her with a strange gambit: If she can retrieve a blade that was stolen from his order, the priest will not only let her live, but will also reveal what he knows about how she can fully resurrect Orrus.
Although making a deal with a burned brother isn’t a good idea, Petra is desperate and out of options. Apart from saving her own life, she must do what she can to fulfill her promise to Orrus so they can be reunited in the world of the living.
When Petra finally tracks down Caspar, the thief who stole the blade, she can’t help but feel attracted to and intrigued by the handsome stranger whose hatred for the order is as strong as her own.
Everything falls apart, however, when Petra and her companions are captured by the mad priests who serve the God of Truth and Light and they discover the secret of the blade and the vile ritual the order intends to use it for.
Now, Petra and Caspar must work together to keep the blade out of the priests’ clutches and bring the entire order to its knees before it’s too late. And she must be willing to risk everything—including her chance to be with Orrus again—if she wants to make sure the horrible future the order has planned can never come to light.

                       MY REVIEW 
  Petra is on the hunt for the blade that might help her bring back the man she loves . When she meets the man who stole the blade and she fights the attraction that is growing between them . Things fall apart when they are caught by mad priests that are wanting to use the blade in a vile ritual . Together they have to keep the blade safe and risk everything to stop the order from doing the ritual and the plan can never come to light . 

   This is a very interesting dark fantasy book . The characters are well written and complex . Petra is a strong woman with a magic that can bring back the dead . She goes through so much to keep evil from rising . We see her break down and build herself back up again. There are huge list of characters that come in and out of her life as she tries to figure out what she needs to do .They are all written well and you will fall in love with them all . 

  This is a book that when you sit down to read you will be transported into a world of necromancers , cults of priests that want to bring back evil .  The author creates a world that will have you sucked in by the end of  chapter one.  The flow of the story is good through out the book and you see the growth of the characters through out the book. So if you want a book that will transport you to a time and place of a past time . Check it out for your Halloween reading night . 

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