Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Good morning all, I hope you are all doing well . Its snowing here and its a great day to read . Today I have a new author Kira Nyte and her novella SINISTER SEAS . 

                             BOOK BLURB 

   Aria has shunned the human world since her love for a human prince brought fear and danger to her people. She believes she is safe under the sea—until a witch imprisons her family, steals her tail and sends her onto land on wobbling legs in search of the Forgotten Prince.

It’s been ten years since Caspian left the sea to make his way in the human world. Better that than lose his soul a little more each day to the princess who considers him nothing more than a feckless friend. But when she comes to him for help, he finds he is still helplessly under her spell. This time, he vows, he’ll weave a spell of his own.

*This is not your sweet fairy tale retelling. Contains a simmering reunion and steamy adult situations.

                        MY REVIEW 
  Its been ten years since Aria left Caspian on dry land and returned to the sea . She thought that she would be safer with her own kind . Until the sea witch destroys her city and takes her family prisoner . She is forced to go back to dry land bring back the prince that wants to be forgotten . When they come back together will the sparks fly and will they be able to survive what is about to happen . 

  First and foremost this is not your children's little mermaid . This book packs a punch that will have you hooked by the third page. The characters are well written and complex . There are moments when you kind of want to smack Caspian upside the head because he is being such a jerk. Aria she is a fighter and will fight to save her family . But she is also a little naive which sometimes works in her favor . 
This is such a great twist on the little mermaid, there is a powerful pull in this book, the author brings out all the feels and will have you on the edge of your seat through out the book .. I will say this is a lot more steamy then most little mermaid stories . I recommend this book for those 18 and over . Check it out if you want a story of love , intrigue . murder and redemption . 

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