Thursday, October 15, 2020


  Good morning everyone , today I have a fun novella by R.L Merrill for you . Check out A PECULIAR PROM NIGHT  (a minded story )

                             BOOK BLURB 

  Four sexually frustrated chaperones

Three hapless kids caught vaping in the bathrooms
Two heated kisses
One ghost ship on the San Francisco Bay turns this joyous celebration into one helluva creepy night…
Meet siblings Ramona and Ruben, veteran teachers at Baymont High School. They've been chaperoning proms for years, but tonight they'll need all of their faculties to protect their students from beings who may or may not have evil intentions. Oh, and manage to keep their family's secret while attempting to get closer to their respective love interests. No problem, right?

                       MY REVIEW 
 Its prom night and for brother and sister Ramona and Rubin its another night of chaperoning the kids of Baymont High school . There is more going at this prom then meets the eyes . When the power goes out and a ghost ship shows up at the pier . Between the kids stuck in the bathroom and four chaperones that are sexually frustrated and trying to keep themselves under control . What are they going to do . Will Ramona and Ruben be able to keep their secret and keep the kids safe and get the ones they want . We will have to see . 

  This is such a fun novella the characters are so much fun and you will love them from the very start. The author has a fun way of writing that will have laughing yourself silly through out the book . I snorted a few times through out the book , especially the bathroom scene with Ramona and Matthew , fumbling around in the dark couldn't get more hilarious .  This also has a great paranormal aspect to it  with the ghosts that come on in and party .  So if you want a great fun read that will have you laughing all the through the story. Check it out I promise you will not be disappointed . 

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