Wednesday, October 28, 2020


   Good morning all , its Wednesday today I have a new book from Bree M Lewandowski  and her dance book Adagio. 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 Between the music and the dance, theirs is a love to find. But what if that space is too wide to cross? 

A career as a professional ballet dancer at the Metropolis Ballet Theater, Lidiya's days are a whirl of music, performance, rehearsal, and teaching students at the theater's conservatory. All those things are what she's worked for. All those things make her days chaotic and wonderful. 

Except even in the world of professional dance, where everything moves at the speed of the music, everything can turn upside-down. When the company's opening of Le Corsaire is threatened, Lidiya's only thoughts are how the show can be salvaged. 

Not of falling in love. 

Patrick's life had been ballet until nine months after a one-night stand left him a father. With his daughter needing special care, he exited the professional world without looking back. But dance is a community and a phone call from Metropolis Ballet Theater's director, desperate to save the run of Le Corsaire, is like a siren song he can't ignore. 

                           MY REVIEW 


  This is a sweet story with wonderful characters . Lidiya is a wonderful woman who 's whole life has been ballet. She loves her job and loves to dance . Patrick is a hard working man who loves ballet but he was thrown for a loop when he becomes a dad . They are a sweet couple that are friends and you watch them fall in love . Its so much fun to see them come together and feel their way around each other . They both have insecurities and fears that bring them together and sometimes push them apart . They are well written and complex and they will tear at your heart strings .  

  This is a sweet novella , I am not usually a sweet romance reader but this book sucked me in and had me reading well into the night . The author has a style of writing that will have you caring for the characters in a way like they are family .  The story is well written and have you tearing up a time or two and also cheering for the main characters . This would be a great little story for your winter nights so check it out. 

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