Thursday, October 22, 2020


 Good morning all I hope everything is going alright in your world today . I am hunkering down on this snowy day with a few of my favourite authors and reading the day away .  Today I have book 5 in the Mists of Magic and \Mayhem series by H.P  Mallory . Lets check out ARCANE AMBITIONS 

                            BOOK BLURB 

 Episode 5: Arcane Ambitions

What happens when Sinjin finally finds himself face to face with Bryn? Will it be a love reunion or will sparks fly?
Meanwhile, Emma’s school is attacked by possessed werewolves, who glow with an eerie blue light. Emma knows she needs Stone’s help but how will she respond when she learns Stone’s secrets?
And Pagan is starting to realize Nyx isn’t all she seems. Can he trust her or will doing so mean his downfall?
And what happens when Jolie finds her feelings for Morse developing?

                         MY REVIEW 
  We finally get what we have been waiting for . Sinjin finally finds Bryn but things are a little more fighting that is going on .  They fight their way along to finding Jolie . While Emma and the gang are fighting for their lives as school against some possessed werewolves bent on getting Emma . She also finds out a secret that Stone is hiding . Will there be happy reunions and will Emma be able to wrap her head around Stone's secret . 

  I have been waiting for this book . It is full of action and the characters are just getting better and better . We get to see Sinjin come face to face with his love and its all that pretty. He is upset and he has a right to be Bryn has not been the nicest to him and his daughter . Emma has been getting more and more complex as the story goes on , and boy does she come into her own in this book . So much happens with her this time around .  I am not going ruin the rest for you but the rest of the characters are so good . 

   This is such a fun read , I am loving this series and the characters old and new are amazing . There is a lot that goes on in this book and the author takes us on such a fun filled rollercoaster ride .  There is action, romance and mystery going on in this book .  I love that we can keep up with the Jolie Wilks series even after ten years in book time . This is a really fun series to read and I love each and every character and book . So if you want a fun read for this fall and winter check out the series . I suggest you read the series in order so you know what is happening . 

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