Wednesday, October 14, 2020


  Well it is the middle of October today I have a novella from one of my favourite authors . Check out DIARY OF A TEENAGE FEY  by Matthew Cox . 

                                     BOOK BLURB 

 Humans are weird.

Wren never intended to end up living among them, but her life kinda got crazy when her parents died.

Wood faerie protect Gaia by destroying all manner of twisted creations trying to destroy her. Few humans realize how close darkness lurks. For generations, Wren’s family has hunted abominations wherever they appeared.

At fourteen, she’s finally old enough to help. Unfortunately, her first real hunt goes as wrong as possible. Mortal authorities find her dazed and alone, mistaking her for an ordinary teenager. Pretending to be a human isn’t so bad. They have weird customs, but it’s nice to kinda have a mom and dad again–plus an unlikely friend. On a whim, she decides to stay.

#1 – Elder Horror – Wren has barely recovered from her injuries when her former teacher makes her aware of an abomination nearby. She might be an untested rookie, but she’s the only faerie close enough to confront the elder horror before it becomes unstoppable.

                      MY REVIEW 
  Wren is a sweet girl who is more then human . Being a fey has its greatness but living in the human world that greatness is hidden, She is a hunter and at fourteen it is time for her to hunt the demons that are our there . The human world is different but having a mom and dad again is great, after the job they were on left her alone and her fey parents dead . 

  The characters in this novella are sweet and well written. Wren is your typical teenager trying to fit in but there is more to her then we know . She is tough and sweet and will fight until there is nothing to fight for. Her best friend Katie is such a fun character , she is trying hard to catch Wren up to all things human . Together they are such a fun read and high school couldn't be more fun , 

  This i will admit was a really fast read . A first for this author he has a way of building a universe around each book . Oh don't get me wrong this was a fun book to read and the characters are strong and oh so well written, The story takes you back to high school and the clichés that were there . The story is short and sweet and will have you laughing out loud at some of the high school cliches . This is a fun fast read so check it out . Your teens will get a kick out of it also . 

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