Friday, October 16, 2020


  Good Friday all , today I have a novella from an author that is new to me . WILD HORSES IN LOVE ( A Paranormal Dating agency book) by Terri A Wilson 

                             BOOK BLURB 

   The best time to find your mate is when you’re not looking.

Dominic Kingston was a busy man hell-bent on making the most of his business. Relationships were not in his plan. But when you’re friends with Gerri Wilder, owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency, you aren’t always in charge of your destiny.
Opal Ibarra enjoyed having fun and never assumed the one night stands she had, were any more than just that. But when Gerri introduced her to Dominic she finally understood that true love was more powerful than she ever imagined.
Now, these two fated mates must trust each other enough to forgive mistakes made based on fear love unconditionally or lose what they never knew they wanted.

                      MY REVIEW 
   When Opal Ibarra has a bad day at a photo shoot , her friend and her go out for a fun night but who knew that this fun night and the next day could end up leading her to her mate . When Gerri Wilder is involved you just never know what could happen . She knows how to pair up fated mates . When Dominic Kingston isn't even looking in walks the woman who completes him, Opal . But will they be able to get past mistakes and get to love each other or just loose what they are trying to build . 

   I must say that these characters are fun to read . Opal or Opie as everyone calls her is one tough cookie . She has worked hard to become a great photographer but one day she feels like it just isn't enough . She is feisty and strong willed but there is a sadness to her also that all she wants is one night stands . Dominic well what can I say he is oh so sexy and dark and brooding . He is one that will have you thinking yes please . He has some dark desires that include rope and other kinks . They are well written and you will love them . 

   Ok going to admit something this was my first horse shifter book , yes its a shifter book . I was like wow this is not a bad story . The characters are well written and the story is part of a great series . The author tells a good story where you will fall for the characters and there are a few time you will be on the edge of your seat . There are also times in the novella where you want to slap them both up the side of the head cause well you know how it goes . There is a cliff hanger at the end of the book . This would be a great book for an evening curled up with a glass of wine . Check it out . 

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