Saturday, November 12, 2022


 Good morning peeps we are on book two of reader roundup, today's book is from an author that I truly enjoy. EMMA AND THE SILVERBELL FAIRIES by Mathew Cox. 

                              BOOK BLURB 

 A druid’s work is never done… even if she’s ten years old.

With the Silk Thieves no longer a threat to Widowswood, Emma enjoys the solace of home and the peaceful routine of her chores. She is happy to be with her family, but still hasn’t quite forgiven herself for making them worry about her.

One afternoon, Neema, the Faerie she freed from the wizard’s lantern, returns seeking her help. Her people are dying, and she’s convinced Emma can save them, and do it in only a few minutes.

The plea proves hard to resist, and Emma soon discovers cursed animals are attacking the faeries. Even though some Silverbells have perished, they are hesitant to kill the creatures. Their queen hopes Emma can find a way to save both animals and faeries alike.

Far from her family in a strange magical forest, Emma feels too small for the task set before her, but cannot abandon the faeries to their fate—even if it means she may never find her way home.

                       MY REVIEW
 Emma is a sweet little druid who finally gets to spend some time at home with her family. Emma is still trying to forgive herself for making her parents worry over her time fighting the silk thieves. They are living peacefully until the day Neema finds Emma and begs for her help. Her family is dying along with the animals of the forest. Emma is once again on an adventure in the magical forest even though she feels small and doesn't know if she can help. With the help of her fairy friends, she will find her way home again. 
  Emma is such a sweet girl. she is pure of heart and very determined. Emma will help out where and when ever she can. Her mother is a sweet woman who is the potion maker and healer of the town and her grandmother the mysterious Nan. They are trying to teach Emma all that she needs to know to help out the fairies. They are so important to Emma, and she loves them so very much. Neema is a sweet fairy who Emma saved from the wizards and is Emma's best friends. There are so many characters throughout this book that help the young girl out. These characters are well written and complex you truly feel like you are with them throughout the story. 
 This is one of those stories that once you start reading you get sucked into and can't put down.  The author really paints a wonderful story full of magic and some mayhem which he drops some amazing characters into. This is a great book for your preteen child or even middle school fantasy lovers. I truly enjoyed the story and felt like I was with Emma and friends trying to get out of fairy land. This series will be great for any reader you have on your Christmas list check it out 

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