Tuesday, November 22, 2022


  Good morning peeps, hope your week is going well. Today I have book three in the Custos series. THE BOOK OF MYSTERIES by Savannah Verte

                           book blurb

  Twins Poppy and Bergie share everything, including an ability to read the mysterious book that Bergie gets Mardi Gras Day when the Muddy Graws debut in the Rex parade. Two potential Keepers makes double the work for the Custos guardian, who can’t be two places at once. Poppy’s book grab from its hiding place in a fit of anger potentially changes everything and could shift the balance between light and dark.

Sebastian Winder has his hands full. The new Keeper has a twin who knows more than she should, and who is actively interacting with a member of White Diamond. 1920 can’t come fast enough. Fearing the inevitable worst, the guardian asks for an assistant. Who he gets, is Ramsby Roth, a fresh from the Farther Fields, greener than green Custos with no experience.

In this third installment, it might take every one available to keep the book from the wrong hands as the odds are stacking against them. Just when they think the end is in sight, World War I erupt, Bergie is sent to serve, and Carnival festivities in New Orleans are cancelled. What if there’s no Mardi Gras?

How can they keep the book safe now, or get it to the new Keeper? Only the book knows.

                               MY REVIEW
  Bergie and Poppy are twins share everything, including reading from the book that Bergie gets from Mardi Gras. With two potential keepers has the Custos working overtime trying to keep them safe. With the book grabbed in anger will that change everything between the light and the dark. They are pulling fresh recruits in to help but will they be able to get the book to the right person. Or will the dark succeed. 

 All the characters are back, and we get to meet the new keepers. Bergie well he is a sweet kid who feels like he wants to belong cause his sister is really opinionated and also his twin. They are like your typical twins they fight; they get on each other's nerves but when push comes to shove, they are there for each other. They are strong in their own right and will do anything to keep each other safe. Rourke is back and working his butt off trying to keep the keepers safe. We also get to meet a new guardian Ramsby Roth a brand-new recruit. He is keen but not sure exactly what he needs to do. Each character has grown and become more and more complex and even the newer characters are well written. 
  For the third book in the series, we really get a more action-packed book. The author has upped her game in this installment. The story takes on a more edgy story.  We get to see more action in the Custos this time around with the characters working overtime. There are lots of twists and turns throughout the book that will keep you on your toes. I think this series would be great for your teen and you to read. Check out this series you will not be disappointed.

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