Tuesday, November 15, 2022


  Good morning all my peeps, I have a mafia romance book for book five in the reader round up. DAVET (Les Voleurs trilogy) by Dixie Pointer. 

                         BOOK BLURB 

   Davet de Wees

I’m called de Duivel. The Devil.

I govern Les Voleurs Syndicate with the same harsh rules and code of honor that have governed my life since I was a kid. I worked my way from the streets to this place of power, and now the respectability of my syndicate is at stake because I am lacking a wife. I’ve reluctantly agreed to entertain the thought, but I don’t want a vapid piece of arm candy that was traded in marriage to strengthen bonds with another syndicate. However, when Liliane Lemaire appears with a proposition I can’t ignore, I find myself drawn to the beautiful woman, tempted by all she can bring me. But trust is something I don’t often give, and I’m worried that she’s going to lead me down a dangerous path, one that can ultimately destroy me.

Liliane Lemaire

My father has sold me into marriage once already. He’s a ruthless criminal that cares about nothing save power, money, and creating fear in those around him. I lived surrounded by that fear, allowing myself to be traded into what I thought was meant to secure a bond between my father and my husband. But then the unthinkable happened, and I found myself back in my father’s evil clutches. He wants me to do something nefarious, and if I don’t agree, he’s going to send me straight to the Block, a human trafficking auction ran by my father. I’m done being used, and I’m determined to bring him down, even if it kills me. My only hope is to join forces with 

                      MY REVIEW
   Lillane is running for her life, from a father that wants to sell her off to the highest bidder. All he wants is power, money. What does she do she goes to the enemy and pledges her life to him and all the secrets that she knows about her family organization. Enter Davet the head of the Les Voleurs syndication. The attraction is mutual, and they form an alliance that will take down the rivals. When she is stolen Davet will burn down the world to get her back. 

    This is one of those books that you don't know who to cheer for, but you will love all the characters. Lillane is a woman who is caught between a rock and a hard place. She is tough and resilient. Davet is ruthless but he does have a soft side to him especially when it comes to Lillane. He is strong and sexy and will burn the world for the ones he loves.  They are both such strong characters in their own rights but when together they are unstoppable. There are so many supporting characters that are there to keep them safe.  They are all such well written and complex characters. 

   I really got sucked into this book, I really liked the main characters and got invested in them from the beginning. I read this book in an evening and was on the edge of my seat the whole entire time. I will warn you that there are some scenes of violence and some very sexy times also.  The author tells a great story with great characters. If you want a good series that will have you on the edge of your seat and let you fall in love. This is the series for you check it out I promise you will not be disappointed

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