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  Good morning peeps today I have a new series for you from Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. SHOTGUNS AND SHIFTERS book one in the Trailer Park Vampire series. This is not included in reader roundup.

                             BOOK BLURB 

 The day the red fog rolled in, everything in Windy Ridge changed.

Neighbors and friends I’d grown up with got turned into wolfmen, lizardmen, gargoyles, and other unmentionables.

As for me? I got turned into a vampire.

Most folk thought the rapture was upon us but soon it was fairly obvious that we weren’t playing witness to some holy event. In fact, I was fairly sure we’d just witnessed something mostly unholy.

Regardless, life in our little town in the middle of the Ozarks returned to what passed for normal.

Until two human outsiders rolled into town.

Because I was one of few residents who still appeared human, I was responsible for making sure the town went into hiding until them humans moved right on out again.

But what I wasn’t planning on was the fact that one of the strangers was none other than Dean Hawke, a man I hadn’t seen in twenty-three years—a man who also happened to be my high-school sweetheart.

But wait. There’s more…

Not only had my ex-boyfriend walked right back into my sorry life, but he was also the newly appointed ‘Sheriff of Windy Ridge’—and his first assignment was investigating accounts of a naked man who was terrorizing locals.

Now if that weren’t enough to ruin a vamp’s day, Sheriff Dean Hawke had, like George Clooney, only gotten better with age, and I was pretty sure all those real deep looks he kept giving me had their own kind of meaning.

But between trying to keep the town’s secret under wraps, spearheading my own investigation into the naked man with a bunch of hillbilly monster chasers, working my shift as a waitress at the local diner, and trying to smother my ardor for a certain human sheriff, I’m thinking life might be easier if I packed up my daughter and caught the next train to Transylvania, leaving Windy Ridge far, far behind.

                         MY REVIEW
    In the small town of Windy Ridge things have not been the same since the red fog rolled in. Things changed for the residents, once the fog rolled out people well, they were changed into wolfmen, lizard people and other things that could be part of your nightmares. They keep to themselves and run the town like normal until the day two humans come to town, sheriff Dean Hawke, Twila's ex-boyfriend, who is trying to figure out who the naked man is that is terrorizing local people. Will Twila keep the specialness of the locals a secret and will she be able to keep her ex from finding out she is a vampire. 

   Ok let's talk about these fabulous characters. Twila is one of them, just a woman working hard to raise her daughter and have a good life. There is just one thing different with Twila, she is a vampire and a guardian of the town.  Dean is the ex-boyfriend and the new sheriff. He is tall and swoon worthy, and kind of broody. They are the perfect pair, but they don't really see it. There is a mystery to solve, and they are the two to do it. I can't believe how much fun all these characters are. so many to mention but we do get to see them all throughout the book. Each character is written with a great deal of care. You will fall in love with all of them. 

  This is the first book in a new series, and I couldn't wait to dive into it. I couldn't put it down the story is just fun, and the characters are so well written.  I honestly don't know what goes through these two authors minds when they sit down to write but keep it up. The stories they come up with have such vivid stories and characters you can't help but get attached and wanting more. So, if you want a good new fun series check it out, you will be laughing all the way through the book. 

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