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  'Good morning peeps and hope your hump day is going well. Today I have for you the newest book by VJ Lee, DECK THE HALS.

                            BOOK BLURB 

 Halston (Hals) Armond’s Christmas story is not a sweet, blissful tale of pleasant, happy times filled with light, love, and laughter. His story is one of haunted dreams, memories of blurred evil images, and the dark corners where monsters lived. Now that the monsters from his past have been kind of vanquished, it’s time to go after the Devil the monsters sold him to, even if that means using the Devil’s daughter against him. Hals will stop at nothing to put his painful past to rest, and realizes this could be his last Christmas … and well, he’s made peace with that.

Bliss Murphy is her father’s right-hand woman, working for the family business … the same business she vowed to tear apart. Her mission is to save every soul her father has bought and tortured. Her first save was her hardest to get over, and every day those blue eyes haunt her—more than anyone knows. When her father forces her to work alongside the man she saved, she’s not sure if it’s her heart that she’s worried about losing, or revealing all her secrets and losing everything.

With the Devil, tainted souls, secrets upon secrets, murder, and mayhem, this Christmas may be the bloodiest yet. Or if they survive with their lives and souls intact, it could be the first blissful one they ever had.
Can their Christmas story be rewritten?

***This book may be triggering to some. There is abuse, sex trafficking, drug addiction, an evil Santa, knives, blood, murder, and an old lady in a leather catsuit.
I understand if you don’t think you can read any further and have to move on to your next read, but these things have made Halston Armond the man he is today, and honestly, he finds a piece of himself he didn’t know was missing. ***
                    My Review 
 Halston Armond's has had a life that you could not even dream about in your worst nightmare. As a young man he was sold to a trafficking ring, by of all people his father and uncle.  He did it to save his cousin from the same fate. After years of abuse, he is saved by an angel, who he could never forget. Until the day that he comes face to face with the man who was his capture and his daughter, the one who saved him. Bliss Murphy is the dream that he has but she is hiding a secret and with Hals wanting to help destroy her father. Will they survive the Christmas season of destruction and come out the other side with their hearts and souls intact.  Or will this be Hals last Christmas. 
 Ok I am going to admit it here right now, I kind of have a crush on Hals. He is such a strong man with a fighting spirit. He may be a broken man, but he has a heart of gold buried deep down inside. When he loves. he loves with his whole heart and will protect those he loves. He is also very flawed from what happened to him, and you just want to hug him and tell him everything will be ok.  Bliss is well she is a strong woman who is fighting for her life and the lives for those that her father traffics. She is playing a dangerous game, but she has help from those that are loyal to her. She is strong willed and feisty, at first you won't like her very much she comes off as a stiff kind of person, but when we get to see her with others, we see a loving emotional woman who would do anything for anyone she loves.                            We also get to meet some new characters and some not so new characters make an appearance. Kels, Lennox and Ruby make an appearance and will make you laugh so hard. We also get to meet Ryder the hot biker who is helping with the rescuing of all the potential trafficked women and children. He has a, you can't really trust him vibe. He is just well sex on a stick. We also get to meet Piper a sweet woman who has seen some horrors in her life and is trying to get her life together again. 
   This is one of these books that when you start you will not put it down. I was kind of leery to start Halston's book because I knew that he was messed up from another book. I was hoping that we would get to know him better and boy did we ever. We see him at his worst and at his best. We get to see him shaken to his core and then coming back and fighting for those he loves. The author took time with bringing his story to life and she did a very good job.  This isn't your typical Christmas story, there is a lot of hurt and pain that the characters have to work through. I will tell you though there could be some triggers for some people, bloodplay, abuse and sex trafficking. If you have a sensitivity to these this might not be the book for you. If you want a book that handles those activities with a sensitivity and care this could be the book for you. Also, if you want a good laugh check out grandma in a leather catsuit kicking some butt. Ok just to let you know I laughed so hard at Ruby in a leather catsuit kicking them in the balls over and over. If you want a great book to read over the holidays check it out.

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