Sunday, November 13, 2022


  Good morning my peeps it is book three in reader round up today. Today I actually have a great Canadian author for you to enjoy. Check out FORBIDDEN SCRIPT book one by Kali Willows.

                         BOOK BLURB 

  Elora Roberts is a renowned psychic with a tragic past and a hidden lineage very few know anything about. Working with countless people from all walks of life, telling their fortunes, and speaking to the deceased, she can see everyone’s future—except her own. The chance meeting with the man she had dreamt of years ago unlocks secrets of her past after she reads for him, and her world becomes unhinged with the vision of imminent danger.

Artist. actor. director, Brennen Wentworth is every woman’s fantasy and nursing a shattered heart. Referred to Elora, he gets the answers he’s been seeking, and renewed hope in love. When his biopic film of a controversial subject becomes plagued by a string of dangerous accidents, the scene is set for deadly terror behind the cameras.

Can Elora unravel the messages from beyond time to end the carnage, or will she be too late to stop the evil descending upon them?

                      MY REVIEW
  Elora Roberts is a renown psychic and a hidden past. When she meets actor director Brennen Wentworth, she is honored to do his reading and become friends with him. They hit if off right away but when an ex comes back to haunt her, they decide to try and figure everything out and Elora needs to help get her past unlocked before it is too late. 
  Elora is a sweet woman who has this remarkable gift to talk to the dead and help people deal with their deep hidden pain. But there is a hidden pain in her past that is also haunting her. She is a gentle woman who really doesn't understand the real power she has. Brennen is almost to good to be true, he is an actor and a director who actually is a sweet, honest man who has a good heart and a sweet soul. They seem to have a chemistry that you can see instantly. They are well written and have a chance to grow into really complex characters. 
  This a short fast read that I sat down and read in an evening. This is a new author to me, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well written they are. They are such fun set of characters to read, and you will love the instant chemistry that they have with each other. I also love that this story is based in Canada using the small towns around Toronto as a backdrop. I am going to start book two right away need to find out what happens. A great set of books for your winter reading 

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