Sunday, November 20, 2022


    Good afternoon all today we have book nine in the reader round up. BOOK OF CHANGE book 2 in the Custos series by savannah verte. 

                             BOOK BLURB

    Adelia Hemstock’s tenure as Keeper cannot end fast enough. She’s been looking over her shoulder since day one and she’s sure she recognizes a few faces in the crowd now. When the book is taken from the safest place she knows, Adelia comes face to face with a new reality, and her Custos.

Rourke Templest has secretly guarded the book, and Adelia, for more than half of her lifetime. In the wrong place at the wrong time, the book is taken on his watch and he must emerge from the shadows to reclaim it, or get Adelia to New Orleans and secured. If White Diamond has the book, they absolutely cannot have the only person currently able to read it.

The feisty Keeper Rourke has only known from a distance until now, is a complication to the job that must be done. With only forty-eight hours to act, Adelia’s world turns upside down as they race to recover the book leaving a trail of murder, conspiracy, cover up, and chaos in their wake.

Can they recover it in time? Not even the Keeper knows.
                    MY REVIEW
   Adelia's time as keeper of the book is about to come to an end. Adelia has been looking over her shoulder for way too long and now that her time is coming to an end, new faces are starting to pop up all over the place. Until the day the book is taken and her and Rourke have to find the book so it can be passed on to the next guardian. Will they be able to do it or will the white diamond or the world will be turned upside down. 
 Adelia is a wonderful character; she is sweet and kind, but she is also feisty and stronger than she realizes.   Rourke has been taking care of the book for almost all of her life and for most of it he has been hidden in the shadows. He is a tough guy with a heart of gold who is willing to do anything to get the book back from the White Diamonds. They are very well written and you will love them and you want them to succeed and find their lives after the book. We also get to see more of the member of the White Diamond who are well trying everything to get the book. They are out for themselves to change the world. Each character is well written and complex. 
 This is one of those books that you will get lost in. The author paints an epic back drop in New Orleans, the story unfolds, and we get taken for an emotional ride throughout her life. I really got sucked into the story and the characters and I loved how it ended. I can't wait to see how things go in book three. If you want a great series that has the balance of good and evil at the for front check it out. 

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