Friday, November 25, 2022

last book in the reader roundup

  Good evening peeps, today is the last book in this years reader round up. We are ending with EMMA AND THE WEEPING SPIR|IT by Mathew Cox

                         BOOK BLURB

    Ten-year-old Emma has battled dark creatures and protected her home from errant magic, but an unexpected letter brings her scariest trial yet―attending a wedding in Calebrin.

Da’s younger sister has invited them for her ceremony, but Emma dreads the huge city, its strange people, uncomfortable fancy clothes, and worst of all: shoes. Her anxiety builds when Nan refuses to go, filling her head with worries about what could be wrong with her father’s side of the family.

On Emma’s first night in Calebrin, spectral crying wakes her. She creeps out of bed to discover a forlorn spirit wandering the halls, who seems to be trying to warn Emma of danger. Alas, Da’s prim and proper mother has a low opinion of druids, and an even lower opinion of Mama. His younger brother takes particular delight in tormenting Emma, and her efforts to assist the spirit only annoy him more.

She suspects something far darker than an arrogant uncle lurks in the giant manor house where her father grew up. No longer afraid, Emma tries to help the ghost—before she becomes one herself.

                      MY REVIEW
 Emma and her family are back and things have improved for the family a little. Emma and the kids have their own room now and they are thriving in their small home with mom and dad. Mom is busy healing people and Emma is helping. Until the day they get an invitation to come to da's family home for a wedding. Where, Emma just feel comfortable with what she has to wear and most of all she doesn't like her uncle, he keeps trying to harm her. When a spirit keeps haunting Emma, she knows there could be a darker, sinister going on. With the help of the ghost Emma is on the way to finding out what happened and maybe help the ghost to figure out what is going on
 Emma is back and she is growing up. She is finding her way in the world and helping her mother out more and more. She is strong and resilient. She is ready to fight. We also get to meet dad's family in this book and man they are strange. Grandma doesn't like the girls. Emma doesn't want to be there with the creepy uncle and the grandma who doesn't like her. These characters are so much fun to read they are so well written. You will fall in love with this family. 
 This is book five in the series and yes, I know it is for middle school age children but as an adult it is an enjoyable read. The characters are well written, and the author doesn't dumb down the pace of the story. I truly enjoyed this series and would recommend them to anyone wanting a fun series, Check it out for your middle school kid or even for yourself. 

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