Thursday, November 3, 2022


 Good morning all hope today finds you well and ready for the weekend. Today I have for you the 11 book in the midlife series. SPELL BINDING by Hp Mallory. 

                            BOOK BLURB

 I’ve just learned firsthand that the grass definitely isn’t greener on the other side…

Waking up as the infamous voodoo queen, Guarda? Well, let’s just say this is easily the worst day of my life.

I have no idea how old Guarda actually is but with the way her body aches all over, the fact that I can barely walk, and there’s something that keeps clicking in her hips? I’d guess she’s around 2,000.

All of that aside, I need to figure out how to undo Guarda’s spell like yesterday so I can get back into my own body (which Guarda’s spirit is currently occupying) and then try to devise a plan to stop her for good.

Only problem? Well, actually, there are a few problems:
    • Everyone believes I’m Guarda (hey, seeing is believing, I guess)
    • Ryan is also possessed by some entity with glowing eyes
    • Whoever is inside Ryan is also Guarda’s partner in crime
    • Did I mention my hips keep clicking?
    • I have like three days to stop Guarda from keeping my body forever
    • My only ally is the untrustworthy witch, Angharad, who happens to be stuck inside a polaroid photo

                       MY REVIEW 
      Peyton is back and man she is in a pickle this time. Peyton wakes up in Guarda's body and doesn't remember what happened to make this happen, she has three days to get her body back and stop Guarda for good. But first she needs to get the witch Angharad out of the polaroid and second figure out who is possessing Ryan third get everyone to believe that it is her in Guarda's body. All in a day's work for Peyton. 

      Peyton and the gang are back and honestly funnier than ever. Peyton has a lot on her plate this time around. She needs to fight and fight hard because she has so much riding on this. She has really grown up and come into her own throughout this series. She has been one of my favourite characters and I loved how she has become the strong woman that we all hoped she would be. We also get a few of the crew from the Haven Hollow series. Poppy, Wanda and the gang make a cameo in the book which is always so much fun. 

     I can't believe that this is the last book in Peyton's story. I really liked this series, and I loved the way the characters had developed and grew throughout. It was a fast read; I sat down and got it read in an evening and laughed and had tears the closer I got to the end of the book. There were a few moments in the book that I felt kind of slowed the flow down just a little. Overall, I loved this book and Peyton ended up with the right guy at the end, which I was really happy about and I am not going to tell you who, you have to read that for yourself. If you want a fun series check it out 

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