Sunday, July 11, 2021


  Good Sunday all , we are in another heatwave so I have been reading and today I have a sweet romance for you . LIFE'S SECOND JOURNEY  book 4 in the Show Me series  by Anne Stone. 

                           BOOK BLURB 

  Melanie Holmes lived the majority of her childhood in foster homes leaving her with anxiety that she fights even in adulthood. Working her way up from teller to bank vice president gave her confidence, purpose, and independence, everything she’s always wanted. Everything except a family—a real gather ’round the kitchen, spend holidays with, get on your nerves, never let you down kind of family. And while her work might keep her financially secure, position and prestige make for a lonely existence. When her job is threatened, Melanie’s world falls apart causing her anxiety to come back with a vengeance. But who do you turn to when you have no one?

Acquisitions VP, James Samuels wonders where his life is headed. He’s a workaholic and has just ended his engagement with his longtime fiancée. Lost and unsure, he hates to admit it, but he envies his sisters’ lives filled with love and children. James is less than pleased when he must work with the hard-nosed, aloof Melanie on a merger, but the more he learns about her, the more he realizes she’s not what she seems.

Melanie’s befriended by James’ mother and slowly begins to realize what a true family is all about. James knows he wants her in his life; however, he has no idea how to show her he can be trusted. He believes she’s hiding something from him, but what? Can James persuade Melanie to let her guard down enough to trust in the possibility of love, and convince her to take a chance on them?

                      MY REVIEW 
  Melanie is good at her job that she has worked hard to get . But one fateful weekend and a man who walked back into her life . Will set her life on its head .  When her bank is up for sale in walks the man she thought she would never see again . James Samuels . He is lost and kind of unsure how his life is going to go after ending a long term engagement . When he has to work with Melanie he tries to figure out what is going on with her .  She starts to come to term with her past and the trauma she endured . As they work their way to each other its going to take a misunderstanding to make them realize that they are perfect with each other . 

 Ok this book is a sweet romance and I must admit the characters are well written and complex . Melanie well she is still living in the past , with the abuse that happened to her when she was young. She is a broken woman who can't be in enclosed spaces and hates the dark. She is also got it in her mind that she will never have love , marriage and children. She has so much ptsd. I just really wanted to wrap her up in a blanket and hug her tight and tell her everything will be ok. James is a sweet guy but he has lost his way , he like Melanie are workaholics and do their job well. He wants to have the relationship and the marriage . He is tall, good looking and oh so sweet. He really knows how to take care of Melanie. My favourite character in the book is Jackie, Jame's mom. She takes Melanie under her wing and gives her cooking lessons just to  give Melanie a sense of home .These characters are such a fun read . 
   This is a book that you can read in an evening , just be prepared to read about some child abuse and the long recovery back . The author has a way of writing that will have you caring for each character . You will love each character and want each of them to have their happily ever after. I will tell you this is kind of a hard read at times , I was crying so hard when I found out all that Melanie went through as a child .Then I got a little angry when she talked about her mother .  Then I had sweet feeling for every time James was there to pick her up and help her deal . This a book that will give you all the feels . I truly enjoyed this book and really want to read the other stories in the series . So if you like sweet romance check it out . 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Life's Second Journey. I am so glad you enjoyed it.