Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 Good evening all I have another author for you to check out tonight . I am really loving these books . BLUE GAROU by H Max Hiller from the Cadillac Holland series . 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Silver Medalist Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards.Detective Cadillac Holland's first homicide investigation starts with the question of whether the dog that mauled Biggie Charles Lynley was sent to do someone else's dirty work or if it was just a good judge of character. That question may be the only easy question to answer, as the list of people who wanted Biggie dead seems to grow with each person Detective Holland interviews. Everyone has a secret worth killing to protect, even the detective himself.

                     MY REVIEW 

 Cadillac's first case looks easy enough it all started with the question did the dog maul Biggie Charles Lynley , was he sent to do the dirty work or does the dog just have a great judge o character . Now Cadillac has to figure out who wanted Biggie dead but it only keeps growing with each person he talks to . Everyone has a secret to keep and a secret that is worth killing for even Cadillac himself . 

   Cadillac is on his first case and it actually is kind of a fun one . He is a very strong character that is also crafty in the way he handles people. It seems like sometimes he doesn't really want to be an officer he is really comfortable around food . Like with all good characters we get to see him at his best and at his worst . We see that he is battling with some ptsd from the Iraq war. I truly love this character and his way of solving the mysteries he has to solve. 

  This is a book that you can get lost in . The author can really paint a picture and he uses New Orleans as the perfect back drop for his story. The characters good and bad are very well written and complex . I love mysteries and this series has me wanting more . There is so much going on in the book and so many twists and turns . There are actually two stories going on in the book Cadillac wanting to find out where his father disappeared to after Katrina and then the story of who wanted to kill Biggie . I will say this , this story is well written will have you on the edge of your seat all the way through . So I would add this book to your summer reading list. 

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